The White House Will Address ‘Deport Justin Bieber’ Petition, “As Is Our Commitment”

Feb 2nd, 2014 // 14 Comments
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U.S. press secretary Jay Carney reassured NBC journalist Peter Alexander at a routine, January 31 press conference that, yes, the White House will address a petition to deport Justin Bieber from the United States and revoke his green card, “as is our commitment.” The “We the People” petition, requiring 100,000 signatures by February 22 to proceed, has over 239,000 as of today.

“I just want to note that people go back and look at the questions NBC is asking here,” Carney said, before Alexander pressed on.

“But obviously after 100,000, the White House, the administration is supposed to have a prompt reply, so we request yours.”

“Well, that process will occur,” Carney said. “As is our commitment, there will be a response when the threshold is crossed. That response will come, I’m sure, relatively soon. I don’t have one now. On matters related to visas, I refer you to [the Department of Homeland Security].”

By then, the press secretary didn’t have news to share, aside from a plug for President Barack Obama‘s new efforts to aid the long-term unemployed.

Meanwhile, media outlets have contacted legal experts asking whether the White House could in fact deport the pop star; Toronto authorities have charged him for assault, while he faces a DUI case in Miami and is under investigation for felony vandalism in California. A week prior, Andrea Mitchell interrupted former Rep. Jane Harman‘s comments on national surveillance to break news of Bieber’s arrest in Miami.

“Although the existence (and success) of this online petition is certainly amusing, even when an official response is published, it is unlikely to satisfy the petition’s supporters,” legal expert Henry Chang said to Toronto Star. “This is because the White House does not have any real authority to deport an individual that it deems undesirable.”


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  1. I don’t like Justin Bieber. He doesn’t inspire, his music is forgettable, and he behaves like a kid and thinks he’s allowed to do that (I mean all the bad stuff). But he plays with the cards of his destiny, it’s dangerous…

    • Im sorry? He doesn’t inspire people? Justin has inspired me to stop cutting myself, to recover, and to seek help. Hes inspired me with his songs Be Alright, Believe, and Born To Be Somebody and I surely wont forget them. Justin has been on top of the music industry for 5 years so for you to say that his music is forgettable is hilarious. And he acts like a kid BECAUSE HE IS A KID. I think you forget he is 19 and I understand that isn’t an excuse for some of his behavior but he was never allowed to be a kid. He grew up in the spotlight. So now that he is taking a break its understandable that he is letting loose and being a kid. Also you say “all the bad stuff” Damn right you’re only paying attention to the bad stuff. Never mind he pays for the cancer treatments of his sick fans. Never mind he builds schools in poverty nations. Thank God you forget that he donated over 600k for the Philippines. Never mind that he gave a free concert in Mexico or that he hands out free tickets and meet and greets for all his shows. You can cry and blubber all you want that Justin is a bad person but I bet you, I will bet you anything, that this kid has done more for charity, more to better America that most people reading this. You don’t want him deported because he smokes weed. Weed is now legal in some states. Im 16 and my friends and I did weed WAY before we heard about Justin doing it. You dont want him deported for egging a house. My high school got egged for spirit week. The seniors and juniors had a rivalry and several junior and senior houses got egged back in September. You don’t want him deported for driving drunk because guess what! He wasn’t even drunk. Stop believing in the Justin that the media is portraying. And please for the love of God, do not deport Justin. I don’t want to live in a country where our freedoms are no longer here. Where our choices and actions are judged. What about the girl that ate her tampon…lets keep her in America. What about the boy who pleaded he was to rich to be charged with a DUI…lets keep him in America. What about the man that shot several people in the Colorado movie theater…lets keep him in America. Before you throw stones at Justin look at yourself. Look around you, America isn’t that good. By sending Justin to Canada would probably save him from the judging pigs that America is. Is this the society our founding fathers worked so hard to create?

      • Dis Niqqa Eangel

        I can’t tell if you’re serious ThatPaintGirl. If you are, then that’s pretty sad. I don’t know how a teenage boy singing about love helped you overcome your desire to cut yourself, but if it did, then that means your priorities in life are in the wrong order.

        • it doesn’t matter what made her stop self mutilating, what matters is that she did, and judging by your screen name, I doubt your priorities are in the right order.

          Bottom line is there are way more important things to focus on than the deportation of Justin Bieber. For people to have even taken that ridiculous request seriously proves that the US as a whole has it’s priorities way out of whack.

      • John

        Half the people reading this don’t have millions of dollars to give to charity, those people you mentioned are citizen of the United States if you knew anything about law or the rights ur talking about you would know that if u are in America via a visa and green card and get in ANY legal trouble you have to be deported according to the law the people you mentioned are citizens so it doesn’t apply to them and he is not a kid he is 19 according to the us law he can be tried as an adult and according to law is an adult child stars that grow up in the lime light do usually develop problems but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be held responsible for their actions and justin admitted to have smoke drank and taking pills while being arrested he screwed himself over and doesn’t care one bit cause he is a millionaire that’s why he went and acted out again and again

      • “Inspired me to stop cutting myself” – that’s nice for you, thepaintgirl, but if you’re a ringing endorsement for what bieber is good for, it says a lot about his fans stability, hence the reason he’s even a star. Another trend I notice is that every person’s handle who defends bieber seems to indicate something to do with “Girl”, or looks like, “xoxoBarbieBieberFAnxoxo”. All this calls to attention is biebers credulous target group which are 12 year old girls, and people with the minds of 12 year old girls. Outside that realm, there is absolutely nothing inspiring about a reckless, drug abusing, delinquent. You could ask any heterosexual 19 year old boy in any city, if they could behave if given over 100 million dollars, a mansion, lamborghini and their choice of any super model to date and 99.9% of them could handle that. Justin Bieber can’t even make it 24 hours without getting into trouble. That right there points out what a useless, disgusting, waste of money and time he is. Not only that, but he lacks any real artist talents other than mediocre singing and dancing. When discovered, he could barely sing, couldn’t play any instruments, didn’t write anything. He’s a producers puppet for 12 year olds. He’s also become incredibly lazy and disrespecting to the law. They could pay him a billion dollars and he still couldn’t act right.

        And he pays for cancer treatments for sick fans? Yeah, I think the fans are sick, but let me explain that Bieber can NOT handle doing ANYTHING! He has handlers and people who funnel the money around and make suggestions on charities, which makes him seem like he cares oh so much. But he doesn’t really care about people. In fact he doesn’t care about any of his women. How do you explain to Selina why he’s on a beach with Chantel? He’s nothing but a puppet which funnels brain washing towards young girls. He’s a horrible example to people as well. Smoking weed? That is no big deal, I agree. But that isn’t what is wrong with Justin Bieber. What is wrong with him is he shows he has no respect for others, for his girls, for his fans, for his neighbors. You think he cares about kids, yet he races his car down neighborhood streets at high speed which endangers little kids. He’s got DUI’s. Do you even know what that means? He’s a DANGER to society period! and he’s out of control. Why does he spit on fans? Why is he arrested for assult on people? Why does he threaten people who get mad at him for being reckless? He’s over 18. He’s supposed to be a MAN. Not a little punk boy. He’s shown over and over he does not even understand that what he’s doing is not cool, yet he thinks it is. And here people like you endorse all this for a wet in your panties. It’s quite sickening really.

        • Jay

          For someone who really seems to dislike the kid you seem to know a lot about his history.
          Also, no offense but a lot of the claims you make are rendered pretty much useless unless you had factual evidence. You’re going on what people simply say about him. You say he’s “selfish,” how do you know that for sure. Maybe his team handles his money and what charity to give to, but how do you know that as well? If it is true do you really think that he’s the only celebrity that does this? Aren’t many celebrities told what to do? It’s rather unfair to just point fingers at one person.

      • “. You can cry and blubber all you want that Justin is a bad person but I bet you, I will bet you anything, that this kid has done more for charity, more to better America that most people reading this”

        another thing thatpaintgirl that makes me sick about what you said, is you are apparently blabbing off about what people do for other people. I know I already covered this, but again, Bieber does nothing for anyone because he’s selfish. He’s not made 1/10th of the efforts I have made. I’ve given 1000′s to charities, but I had to work very hard at a real job to earn that money. Something you likely know little about because you’re probably a teen. If bieber has millions of brain washed girls with wet panties buy his album, it’s like he gets wheel barrels full of money for all his producers efforts. You think a 19 year old guy who gets nearly 100 million a year knows about hard work? If you do, you’re incredibly stupid to think how hard he works translates into his pay figure. The reason you go around chanting about what “free” concert he gave and whatever it is he did is a way to justify your inappropriate over display of affection for someone who’d just as well spit on you while up in a balcony. All that stuff he does with the “Bieber experience” is stuff that people who work for him come up with to take advantage of little girls. And they are all like, “OH wow, he chose me! I’m special!”. HE IS TOLD WHAT TO DO! Do you get it? It’s all planed out from A to Z. Once his concert is over, he’s a druken, drug using jerk! The way he acts out on the streets is the REAL BIEBER that his record company keeps trying to cover up to look “pretty” and sweet. People like you respecting him over a fantasy in their heads is the problem. You listen to his song lyrics (likely written by others), fall in love with a fantasy, because that’s what immature young girls do. The problem isn’t just bieber, but you. So stop attacking people for pointing out the truth about him.

  2. Jay

    I love that people in America are more worried (at this time anyway) about this teenager who hasn’t actually harmed anyone in a physical way versus the actual problems lately that have been happening at schools. Kids bringing guns to school, a kid lighting himself on fire….There are far bigger issues to worry about and yet people seem focused on this.
    And for all the ignorant people out there…There are people who have been inspired by Justin. remember, he wasn’t always the way he has been lately. How is it so hard to comprehend that he inspires people. Because you think his music is chappy doesn’t mean others do too. I’m not his biggest fan by any means but he does have an effect on his fans just like people are inspired by Beyonce or Lady Gaga.

  3. Angie

    Well, I do not live in the States, and until recently actually thought Justin was a nice kid. But the problem is, he has been getting into trouble and actually getting away with his bad behaviour. He needs to know there are consequences to his actions and if he is not suitably punished, how will he ever learn? He was just lucky he didnt kill anybody. A couple of years ago we had a well know musician in South Africa by the name of JubJub who also got drunk (drugs were also involved) and raced cars on public roads. He lost control of the car and crashed into a bunch of school kids, some of who died. My point is Justin got lucky, and as long as he is not appropriately punished, he will continue his spiral downfall until something really bad happens. So for his own sake, a good punishment (Ie deportation) would be quite acceptable. Not sure how your laws work there, but perhaps one day he can come back?

  4. joseph

    people are so stupid there is no common sense left in this country today you treat him like he is a hero or something like he is a all mighty god grow up and fix your life he is a human yes but there are people getting deported just for coming over here they work to take care of their families then they get caught and get deported when they done nothing wrong and you gonna let this immature prick stay? why? because he can carry a tune? no one hates on him because of how famous he is we hate him because of what he has done he has put the lives of united states citizens at risk with his actions you call him a hero? there are people who fight to protect the country those are hero’s he is just a kid who need to grow up and the smirks he gives smiles on a mug shot come on get real he doesn’t help anyone he went to a children’s hospital and demanded that the kids stay back because he didn’t wanna get sick and then hit on the nurse there yea but he’s a hero alright he doesn’t help you its your mind thinking he does like the girl who quit cutting herself what does that have to do with Justin did he like kiss you make you feel loved what? because he does nothing but cause havoc and destruction outside of singing.

  5. I’m going to have to agree, to a certain extent, with those commenters who are pointing out that Justin is a 19 year old kid, and that his antics are not terribly surprising, especially considering that he is extremely wealthy. A lot of teens act out, yet still get their acts together when they get older, and turn out to be fairly decent people. Now, I am not saying that excuses what he has done, because there are also a LOT of young people, some younger than him, who have already made significant contributions to society. For an example of a young person who is setting a great example, I suggest Googling “Astronaut Abby”. I am also going to question the effectiveness of deporting Justin. Just because he no longer lives in the U. S. do people think that is going to change his behavior? Most likely it would just make him act out, as most delinquent teens do, when they are punished.

  6. Faizal

    Justin Bieber is a good guy!
    He hasn´t done anything serious that deserve deportation.
    Jus t because someone is successful we should not be jealous or wish harm to that person.

  7. Steven

    not bad enough? he was racing, speeding, driving drunk, he had drug paraphernalia, and all this under the age of 21, and its not bad enough.

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