G.R.L. Return With Dr. Luke-Produced Power Pop Anthem “Show Me What You Got”: Listen

The last time we heard from G.R.L. (AKA the latest, rebranded incarnation of the Pussycat Dolls), they were singing about no good boyfriends on Smurfs 2 soundtrack cut “Vacation”. It was cute enough but not exactly career-launching material — a surprise given the involvement of pop music titans Dr. Luke and Max Martin.

Happily, the super babes are back with a song with a song worthy of their own talent and A-List collaborators. “Show Me What You Got” is a girl power anthem with attitude-filled lyrics (“you dancin’ all up on me, expectin’ something more”) and a nuclear-powered chorus. The production is pitch perfect with a smattering of trap in the verses (think Katy Perry‘s “Dark Horse”) and a litany of little hooks. Listen to the song after the jump.

Are you on board with G.R.L.? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • Meghan

    love it ! kind of different so should perform better then vacation !

  • benjaminmartin

    love dr. luke. Even love max more!….but sony can’t force them down my throat, or maybe they can with constant radio “promotion” but this is a turd. And i honestly don’ think the next thing in pop music is a super girl group– where only one of them can actually sing the leads– and the other five just wiggle their butts . I saw them do some Britney spears cover “acoustic””( i think it was perfume?) and the lead chick lip sang and one pretended to play guitar! ….it was…. ..terrible.

    • Jaymes E. Willis

      I don’t know what cover video you were watching but I didn’t catch any lip syncing/ pretend guitar playing/ nor lead singership. I think that you’re just binded by a hateful truth that these girls are actually extremely talented. P.S. There’s a total of FIVE girls in G.R.L., your little comment saying “one of them can actually sing the leads– and the other five just wiggle their butts” Just proves you have no right to opinionate on anything. Have a good day.