Cher Says Warner Bros Doesn’t Seem To Care About Her New Album ‘Closer To The Truth’

Feb 6th, 2014 // 2 Comments

Cher jumped on Twitter today (February 6) to vent about her record label’s lack of interest in new album Closer To The Truth. It seems like negative reviews of the gay porn-tastic video for club single “Take It Like A Man” prompted her outburst. “The video had nothing 2 do with me,” she tweeted. “I was told it would only be shown in gay bars.”

“It’s true WB’s hasn’t got a Great Deal of Interest In My CD,” the pop icon continued. And Cher could have a point. With the exception of a couple of “Woman’s World” performances, there hasn’t been a huge push to support the actually rather enjoyable LP, which has sold 285,000 copies since being released in September 2013.

More concerning, the worst songs on Closer To The Truth — like the above-mentioned/highly embarrassing “Take It Like A Man” — have been released as singles, while gems such as “Red”, “Sirens” and “I Don’t Have To Sleep To Dream” go to waste. Hopefully, her blockbuster Dressed To Kill tour will revive interest in the project. See Cher’s tweets after the jump.

Has Cher’s new album got a raw deal? Have your say in the comments below.

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  1. Brett

    Um….”Take It Like A Man” was “highly embarrassing?” Y’all be lame. It’s a great song! Jake Shears! Auto-tune! What’s not to like? “I Don’t Have To Sleep To Dream” should be released as a single though…great song.

  2. Cher is an Icon, Warners is a money grubbing company with no soul that has screwed over the likes of Madonna and Prince, so it’s no surprise that Cher is their latest target of apathy in promotion.
    Her new album has MANY excellent songs on it that would rocket to the top of the charts, if only given the radio push they deserve… sadly this apathetic form of promotion happens to so many these days… art is lost for the love of money.

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