Hot Chelle Rae Drops New Song “Don’t Say Goodnight”: Listen

By: Christina Lee / February 7, 2014

Hot Chelle Rae can’t help but to sound sheepish in its new song, “Don’t Say Goodnight.”

Sure, youthful vocalist Ryan Follese sings of two girls seated on his lap. He also admits to being super drunk and waiting out last call at a bar, as patrons pair up and head out. He even makes a marijuana reference — this girl, she gets him high! However, “Don’t Say Goodnight” — or “#DONTSAYGOODNIGHT,” whichever — sounds inspired by fun.‘s plucky and anthemic pop but never quite feels as revelatory as Some Nights, even when an electric guitar solo kicks in toward the end. The song may be about grown-up antics, but it feels instead like an anthem for someone ten years younger.

Follese’s confession that he tries to rap like A$AP Rocky, followed by a female voice saying that he can’t, doesn’t quite help matters. It’s okay — in the words of Michelle Trachtenberg, “You gotta ease into it.”

Hear Hot Chelle Rae’s “Don’s Say Goodbye” after the jump, then weigh in at the comments below.

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