Azealia Banks Covers ‘Galore’, Shades Lady Gaga In Interview

If you thought you had seen the last of Azealia Banks, think again. The ruthless Twitter bandit resurfaces on the cover of Galore — in triplicate, no less! She rocks three very different but equally eye-popping outfits (including butterfly pasties) and threatens to finally release her much-delayed debut LP in the accompanying interview.

But she doesn’t stop there. In the — don’t laugh — music & friendship issue (it’s funny because the rap diva has literally dragged everyone in the game) of all things, Azealia fires shots at will. She says she would like to work with Lorde, considers herself the best rapper in the game and drags Lady Gaga saying: [she] “gets on my nerves and wants to steal my voice for sure. She’s too rich to be that lame.”

Read the full interview here. So, will Azealia ever really happen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • HC

    Stay pressed Azealia! I am so glad Gaga cut you from her album “ARTPOP”.

    • JupiterWitch

      ARTPOP was embarrassing, I’m glad Azealia wasn’t on that trash album, she’s better than that.

      • Paige

        Azealia Banks is a nobody. She doesn’t have any type of celebrity status. The only reason I know who she is, is because I follow music forums. When she becomes known she can bash somebody.

      • Tanya

        That’s your opinion JW. I think the album is brilliant…just my opinion, doesn’t mean either of us is right, as music is a personal experience. I read one critics review who said that ARTPOP was so different from anything out there today, that the average person wouldn’t get it. ARTPOP is ahead of its time.

  • MusiqLover

    Why does Idolator always bash on Azealia? She might have a temper, but that girl can make jamz.

  • Anna

    Gaga always comes to the defense of others artists and never attacks them, yet her peers routinely bash her. If you don’t like her, fine, but why make yourself look petty by ragging on her?

  • RunnerFive

    Whats truly interesting is that some of Gaga’s biggest attackers are other women in the pop industry and usually they’re people in her age group. The legends of music like Mick Jagger, Debbie Harry, Elton John, Sting, Tony Bennet etc usually have praise for her because she’s a throw back to another error when talent and showmanship mattered and performas didn’t just get famous for rolling around on stage in the underwear….which is why none of the legends have ever had a kind word to say about Madonna. .

    • Tanya

      “Lady Gaga is a true artiste and has a great sensibility for jazz. I think her fans will love hearing her sing this genre of music,” Tony Bennet.
      This is why young artists hate her so much…she managed to get critical praise from some of music’s greatest. This why Madonna hates her, she’s been trying to get respect for 30 years, but they greats hate her, because she ruined the music industry….she made it so that all one had to do to stay current was get a new hairstyle. When recently asked what she thought of Madonna, Cher said politely that she was a great entertainer, but not a great singer.

  • Tanya

    Why do woman have to be so catty to one another? What did Lady Gaga do to deserve this? I’ve only ever seen this Alelia person mentioned twice in the media and both times was because she was saying something negative about Lady Gaga. I’m guessing this is hew way of getting people to talk about her.

  • TS

    Personally if she didnt attack artists as much as she does, I would respect her a lot more. It’s not just gaga tbh its pretty much everyone who she thinks is doing seomthing she has previously done or is going to do. No one is safe when it comes to Azealia throwing shade and it has gotten old real quick. I mean I love her music but her music is gowing tiresome because she is becoming a online blogger than a musician. Azealia should be trying to join forces with Gaga rather than turn her back on her because it would do AMAZING things for her career. Everybody attacks Gaga nowadays for the most simplest things and its grown so tiresome.

  • Moe

    Azealia who?