Mariah Carey’s “You’re Mine (Eternal)”: Review Revue

Mariah Carey‘s latest single, “You’re Mine (Eternal)”, is the fifth to be released ahead of her upcoming LP The Art Of Letting Go. Of course, whether previous cuts like “Triumphant,” “Almost Home,” “#Beautiful” and “The Art Of Letting Go” make the cut for Mimi’s new album remains to be seen.

What we do know is that “You’re Mine” has arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day (the song is now available for download on iTunes, Lamb lovers!), and it plays like a bit of a retread of Carey’s 2005 smash, “We Belong Together.” Don’t believe us? Then head below to see what the critics had to say about the Rodney Jerkins-produced track. (Hint: They’re also hearing shades of Mimi’s hit Emancipation Of... ballad.)

:: MTV‘s wig has been blown back by Mimi’s powerful pipes: “With a sound and style reminiscent of Carey’s hit, ‘We Belong Together,’ the R&B songstress proves why she’s still the fiercest diva in the game. Mimi shows off her impressive range throughout the song, but it’s the note at the end of the track that is bound to leave her devoted Lambily not only mesmerized by her vocals, but yearning for more.”

:: Billboard calls “You’re Mine” a “breathy, enjoyably straightforward love ballad” while noting that it “could have hummed forward to turn into a sleepy R&B track, but thankfully, Carey gets to operate over some stormy production and percolating beats before nailing that inevitable high note in the final minute.”

:: The song is giving Entertainment Weekly a toothache: “How sweet is too sweet? Trick question: There’s no such thing if you’re Mariah Carey.”

:: Stupid Dope has this to say: “The track is an interesting R & B meets electro number driven by some smooth ass piano melodies, which gets paired up with some rattling, addictive drums that makes a nice home for Mariah, and Trey on the remix.”

:: Popdust brands the single “the perfectly crafted Valentine’s Day treat,” and points out that, “yes, those candy hearts are our favorites, too.”

:: TIME chimes in: “It’s a gaseous, fluffy ballad that feels like a direct descendent of the song that rang in her mid-career renaissance, 2005’s mega-hit ‘We Belong Together:’ plinking piano melodies, a typically fluttering Carey vocal take, and a very similar beat. Only time will tell if ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)’ can duplicate that song’s record-breaking success…”

:: Finally, Chart Rigger — aka me — sums Mimi’s latest up with this: “The song premiered just a few minutes ago, and at first it comes off like a rehash of ‘We Belong Together.’ But then that chugging synth ‘n’ bass kick in, and Mimi whistle-shrieks at the end just like old times, and it’s all over, friends. It’s all over, and we’re all the better for it.”

What are your own thoughts on Mariah’s latest single? Let us know below!

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  • NANO

    AMAZING!!!!, hopefully this will hit the top of the charts.

  • yo baby daddy’s daddy

    Almost home was for the wizard of oz remake they did, unrelated to this album.

    the song is amazing, it’s giving me “dont forget about us” with 2014 flare!!

  • fatalreview

    you mean sounds just like all her other studio overdone poptard crappp-pass on that-especially that trademark dog killing schreech she thinks is a “high note” at the end of every one of lamo boring generic songs-you know she has never done that live-it is recorded and filtered in the studio and she has lip synced her “high notes” in every live performance she has ever done-it’s marketing delusion created bt Tommy and Sony to try and out market her to Whitney in the 90′s

  • fatalreview

    best comment-”it’s gaseous” that’s MeMe just full of hot blow hard air that is offensive to listen too. Another epic fail-if you want to her remakes of her crappy songs just listen to the top 40 they just recycle the same tunes with different lyrics and a new flesh puppet every 5 years and smelly old MeMe is has passed her “freshness” date about 12 years ago and she smells like a old fish factory

  • foreverlamb

    The song is absolutely amazing! I love it!