Mariah Carey Shades Ariana Grande And Nicki Minaj In Amazing Radio Interview: Watch

The Queen Of Shade
Mariah Carey is the queen of shade. Fans have known this since she snatched J. Lo‘s wig clean off her head in a German TV interview but the biggest diva in the game reinforced  her status by dropping by The Breakfast Show today (February 12) and speaking her mind about everything and everyone. So who was on Mimi’s hit list?

First in line was former American Idol colleague Nicki Minaj. Mariah refused to even acknowledge her existence, saying “who?” when asked a question. She then ripped into the show implying it was beneath her. (Fair enough). Other highlights include the Lamb Whisperer dissing Ariana Grande (“I wish everybody all the best of luck and if this is the career path they choose, hope that they can achieve longevity”).

Mimi also claimed not to have heard Beyonce‘s “Drunk In Love” but tempered it by saying “I love [her]“. It looks like the pop icon has truly perfected the art of reading lessors like a library book and I’m all for it. The 43-year-old has reached the point in her career where she can do whatever she likes. Especially when her new music is as good as “You’re Mine (Eternal)”. Watch up top.

Are you here for Mariah’s master class in shade? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Dylan

    Long live the Queen of Shade. Haha, love it so much.

  • Guest

    If she was really so above it all, she wouldn’t have to throw shade. #EgoCheckLikeNow

  • mc4life

    She wasnt shading arianna..and she did not acknowledge questions about nicki….never said idol was beneath her..get your facts straight..yes she can shade when she wants but whoever wrote this has it all wrong..

  • fatalreview

    what a cow pig Meme is-and throwing shade??? you mean being a evil conniving back stabbing skankk?? thats what it means and IF Meme was as great as she is always spewing she is then all this is so unnecessary-but as someone who lived thru the 90′s and saw what an evil obsessed bee-yotch she has always been to JLo -that’s the reason she had the Dr. Frankenstien’s force out genetically engineered boy and girl twins cause she just can’t stand if JLo has something she doesn’t-even though Meme will always be sloppy seconds and her “legendary voice” has always been mostly studio fiction steamroller hype marketing- by Sony -and why she married Tommy in the first place -she is so defensive and jealous and still trying to market herself as a stripper-just gross-because she knows under all that delusion and fake image BS that she is a total fraud

  • Elizabeth

    I’m (not) sorry, but she did not rip into American Idol. She said that she expected it to be a three-person panel, and that she had lobbied to get Lenny Kravitz hired as a fourth judge. The “ripping” came in when she said the sideshow with Nicki detracted from what she was really there to do: mentor new talent. She didn’t say anything negative about the show, and doesn’t regret doing it.

  • MidnightLily

    She can say all she wants at least they have SUCCESSFUL careers and dont only show their faces every december

  • Can

    I totally understand the beef now but it’s truly a little childish. I respect both Onika and Mariah but they know better than this typical stereotype of a battle between black women’s ego’s and prominence. Women of color should be able to come together ,NOT UNLIKE THEY DID IN ONE OF HER VIDEOS, and be able to control themselves whilst also controlling the already male dominated media elite. Mariah’s dream panel Lenny, Mariah, & Randy or Keith (However this was gonna go), makes sense, and would have probably made a better season than it was. American Idol’s producers chose to make this about ruthless cattiness and tasteless television. So Nic was not in the wrong. Mariah can do better.

  • Kania

    She has an attitude and I hate all her interviews she always talking about ppl and it’s rude she thinks she’s above most ppl and at the end of the day put ariana grande against Mariah Carey………I personally don’t like Mariah’s voice ariana has a lot of soul when she sings and I love that about her voice so I think that ariana grande will win.