Enrique Iglesias & Kylie Minogue’s “Beautiful” Surfaces Online: Listen

Feb 16th, 2014 // 8 Comments
Enrique's A "Freak"
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Enrique Iglesias and Kylie Minogue‘s duet “Beautiful” has surfaced online — and proves to be a surprising turn for the global pop icons.

Iglesias and Minogue sing together for nearly the entire song, providing what should be a rare intimate moment for both of their respective albums, SEX + LOVE and Kiss Me Once. This sentimental ballad follows several stadium-sized attempts to build hype for their respective next albums: Minogue’s blissful “Into the Blue” and Iglesias’s “I’m a Freak,” in which he reunites with Pitbull.

Listen to “Beautiful” after the jump, then sound off at the comments below.

[via Digital Spy]


  1. danny

    When they use this much autotune it makes me feel if they are insecure with their voices.

  2. Not trying to be rude but the song sucks..!! I hope the youuuu gets better in the mastered version..

  3. RtA1913

    the auto-tune ruins it for me, maybe without it i can enjoy it more but overall it’s pretty forgettable, sadly it isn’t looking good for their albums, Into the Blue is pretty much a commercial disaster and Enrique’s only successful singles are the Spanish ones and he’s already released half of the album as singles. I’m still rooting for them and expecting their new music tho.

  4. GEO

    There isn’t any autotune on the track.

    It uses a vocoder which drives the song given it’s minimalist production and gives it a spacey vibe.

  5. GEO

    There is no autotune present on the track.

    Do people here any kind of musical editing and rabbit autotune? It uses a vocoder which drives the song given the minimalist and spacy production.

  6. guest

    its a beautiful song!

  7. Mattattack

    Its a great song and I love the vocoder on the voice it grows on you after a few listens!

  8. Oscar

    I love Kylie and I like Enrique but I just really don’t like this song.

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