Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”: Watch The Colorful, Egyptian-Themed Music Video

katy perry dark horse music video 1
There's No Goin' Back
Months after Katy Perry‘s “Dark Horse” became a breakout iTunes hit ahead of the release of Prism, the trappy, Juicy J-featuring song’s music video has premiered. All in all, it’s less of an epic than the tongue-in-cheek preview clip led us to believe last week. Instead, it keeps Katy firmly entrenched in candy-coated cartoon territory (see: the clips for “California Gurls,” “Wide Awake,” etc.), as she works her Katy Patra alter ego and holds court while suitors travel across the pastel-hued land to impress their queen.

None of these guys win her hand, save for Juicy J, who’s working a gold grill like only Madonna can — and who also has the privilege of being present during a Katy Perry pole-dance.

This particular Perry visual does give off shades of Michael Jackson‘s 1992 “Remember The Time” video, but only time will tell if this Egyptian odyssey will wind up being just as much of a memorable classic.

“Dark Horse” is the third single off Prism, and it’s been nicely perched atop the Billboard Hot 100 for four weeks and counting. Expect millions of oncoming YouTube views to keep it in the upper reaches of the chart for some time to come. And if you want to go ahead and contribute to Katy’s reign, then watch the video up above.

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  • Eee-hee-ho-tep

    What a great video concept: a pale-skinned delicate beauty alluring viewers with glimpses of her creamy Sphinxes…oh, and the Katy Perry vid’s great, too.

  • MusicManDave

    Amazing video effects…Love this song!

  • mdb

    I actually only like about half the tracks on Prism, Dark Horse being one of them. As odd as it may seem I really enjoy KP’s ultra visual, humorous videos even if they don’t seem to always jive with the song.

  • mike

    I really enjoyed the visual aspect of this video. It is art directed to the max, which is always fun to see and it’s so colourful and exotic. However, there certainly is a lack of taste involved here that can’t be missed. And the storyline and ending just put it over the edge into being a cheesy music video.

  • thietkeweb