Beyonce Launches ‘The Mrs. Carter Show’ World Tour 2014 In Glasgow: Pics And Setlist

Beyonce kicked off The Mrs. Carter Show world tour in Glasgow, Scotland tonight (February 20) — delivering an entirely new show. The spectacular costumes have been updated and the setlist now includes songs from her mega-selling visual album. When do US dates go on sale because I really want to go!

Why the desperation? Well, for starters I’m going through Beyonce withdrawals. Secondly, the revamped show looks incredible. Queen Bey’s outfits got even sexier and the setlist is absolutely mouth-watering. “Partition”, “***Flawless” and “Heaven”? Yes, please! Two major gripes though. She really needs to add “No Angel” and “Jealous” because they are my jams. See all the songs from Glasgow after the jump.

1. Ghost
2. Haunted
3. Drunk In love
4. If I Were A Boy
5. ***Flawless
6. Yoncé
7. Get me Bodied
8. Baby Boy
9. Naughty Girl
10. Blow
11. Partition
12. Why Don’t You Love Me
13. 1+1
14. Irreplaceable
15. Love On Top
16. Crazy In Love
17. Single Ladies
18. XO
19. Halo
20. Heaven

Are you happy with the new setlist? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Setlist via Beyonce Legion]

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  • Justin SanDiego

    I’m left very unsatisfied after reading this update. 1. the person who wrote this sounds like a crazed fanatic, wouldnt be surprised if this was copy and pasted off a fan-page.
    2. there’s no mention of the absence of Destiny Child songs or that she should be doing more than 20 songs. 3. The opening/closing numbers could be a lot stronger. I can kinda see “Ghost” working as the opening song, but I think entering from a darken stage performing “XO” would be the BEST way to launch the show.

    Lastly, a good reporter would have gotten details on her performance such as costumes, dancing, vocals and personality.

    • NinaLee

      ok 1, theres nothing wrong with being a fanatic, so there thats a failed point you just tried to make
      2. 20 songs is a close to 2 hour set, thats a lot especially for a entertainer who dances majority of that time 3. i disagree, i think XO would be great to CLOSE the show

      Anyways she’s missing superpower as well! i love that song

    • Emma Atkinson

      I am going to see her at the O2 in London and I am very much excited for the new set list. Yes we all love Destiny’s Child but at the end of the day its her tour not their’s and there’s only so many songs you can fit into a 2 hour gig. But I would love her to sing Grown Woman like she did last year, but it could come true as she added songs on her previous leg of her tour.

      and lastly I think Ghost/Haunted was an interesting way to open the show with it being the first time using a slow tempo to open but it could all change depending on the reaction of fans and the reviews it gets she will happily move things around to keep her fans happy as its for them.

  • Chris

    I love “No Angel” I hope she adds it eventually!

  • thietkeweb
  • R E D

    I’m sure She & her team are AWARE of what they are doing. So whatever she decides 2 sings will be great music.

  • Sophieboo

    Hello? Is no one else bothered there is no Pretty Hurts?? I need to hear this song live, it’s amazing & powerful!

  • Laura

    I really hope she sings listen or at last! amazing songs!!

  • Matías Piro

    I can´t believe Crazy in Love had been cut at the best part…the end :(