Whatcha Say: Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga Got Our Readers Talking

Happy Friday, Idolator readers! This week sure came at us like a dark horse, right? In fact, Katy Perry (err, Katy Patra) did come at us like a “Dark Horse” with her new music video! Kylie Minogue kept us spinning around with the album sampler for Kiss Me Once, and Lady Gaga continued to redefine the meaning of her ARTPOP with her first live appearance of 2014 on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The 2014 BRITS took place in London (as did some fancy footwork in a DJ booth by Lorde, Katy Perry and Ellie Goulding), and Beyoncé kicked off her 2014 tour with all new songs. Plus, TLC‘s FanMail turned 15! As always, you guys had plenty to say this week. Check out some of the best comments below!

Mike found some things to love about Katy’s new video, sort of, on Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”: Watch The Colorful, Egyptian-Themed Music Video: “I really enjoyed the visual aspect of this video. It is art directed to the max, which is always fun to see and it’s so colourful and exotic. However, there certainly is a lack of taste involved here that can’t be missed. And the storyline and ending just put it over the edge into being a cheesy music video.”

:: mdb was more supportive: “I actually only like about half the tracks on Prism, Dark Horse being one of them. As odd as it may seem I really enjoy KP’s ultra visual, humorous videos even if they don’t seem to always jive with the song.”

:: And Eee-hee-ho-tep got cheeky: “What a great video concept: a pale-skinned delicate beauty alluring viewers with glimpses of her creamy Sphinxes…oh, and the Katy Perry vid’s great, too.”

:: Condom Earrings (amazing name) was totally into our TLC Backtracking onTLC’s ‘FanMail’ Turns 15: Backtracking: “Thank you for such a great article on an iconic album and group who haven’t gotten their fair due. There would be no ‘Yonce without TLC! I don’t think any other vocal group, male or female, has ever used each of its members to their full effect so strongly and well as TLC.”

:: James K. had some finer feelings for Kylie’s album preview on Kylie Minogue’s ‘Kiss Me Once’: Listen To The Album: “Nothing groundbreaking, but this is the kind of music she was meant for. The solid dance-pop Kylie that was missing for the most of ‘Aphrodite’ has returned!”

:: MusicManDave agreed, adding to the conversation: “I would have to agree with James….nothing groundbreaking but she does stick with her signature sound which is good. I personally would have liked her gear more to a more R&B flavor since being with Jay-Z’s label. Don’t get me wrong I love everything Kylie does but thinking about how it will chart. This will debut high in the first week but will fall dramatically in the second and third week. This is unless of course she has a hit sometime between now and the release date…Sorry.”

:: And XadaX noticed a theme: “It starts with Into The Blue & ends with Fine? Is Kylie single?”

:: Cindy was obsessed with the newly surfaced Britney demo “Unbroken” on Britney Spears Lets Go Of “Unbroken”: Listen To The Unreleased ‘Femme Fatale’ Track: “Britney Jean was a complete failure. This demo is rocking! She should have added this into her album.”

:: And Danny agreed — short but sweet: “This is how Britney should be.”

:: Gaga made a delicate landing back on Earth with her Jimmy Fallon performance, and drew loved it onWatch Lady Gaga Perform “ARTPOP” On ‘Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’: “This is one of GaGa’s live performances in a while. I’m thinking/hoping that this means she has had some rest and is ready to move ahead with more ARTPOP…(Please!)”

:: And Cinnamon Bunny couldn’t have been more pleased: “Momma cleaned house… and she’s ready to take this show on the road! Bring on ArtRave!”

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