Taylor Swift & Lorde Are Beach Besties

Feb 24th, 2014 // 1 Comment
taylor swift lorde beach
Taylor & Ellie
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Taylor Swift and Lorde‘s friendship is going strong. Of course, it started off rocky, with Lorde criticizing Swift in an interview last year, but soon after that Lorde was attending Taylor’s birthday party. And now they’re beach besties, taking a lovely weekend ocean stroll together. “Bare feet in the sand on a Saturday,” Taylor wrote with a photo of the two of them decked out in matching outfits and shades.

Let’s hope they experienced some creative inspiration during the beautiful walk and decided to hit the studio together after. See Taylor’s Instagram post below.

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  1. hi

    Taylor is a mastermind sociopath that is trying to stay on top and relevant by using Lorde. It may work too if they record a song together.

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