Hear t.A.T.u’s Non-Comeback Comeback Single “Love In Every Moment”

Feb 24th, 2014 // 4 Comments

Russian fake-lesbian duo t.A.T.u. reunited for a performance at the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony, then announced plans to stage a full-on comeback with a tour and new music on the way. A few days after that, Lena Katina and Julia Volkova swiftly canceled all those plans. However! The new single, “Love In Every Moment,” survived the wreckage and it has hit the Web.

It’s a brooding blast of Euro-pop, with the ladies singing in Russian, and the chorus is a tasteful crescendo of cascading synths. Alas, there’s also a brostep breakdown with Russian rapper Ligalize that sounds instantly dated, but otherwise, the single is a tantalizing taste of what could have been.

Hear it below. 

[via Arcadey]

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  1. drew

    Glad they didn’t get back together, based off of that.

    • it was not a Big single it is only a collaboration song between Lena Julia elena kiper and Ligalize
      so if t.A.T.u will Back they can do better for sure and to let u know Julia had a surgery on her vocal cord so her voice is not amazing as before she still recovering

  2. Even if they would reunite for true, their songs would not be that great anymore because of Yulia’s voice, even if her voice recovers completely, I highly doubt that it will be of the same quality as before her operation.

  3. Stephen Jones

    I Think she should’ve sued Ivan Sharpovalov for ruining Yulia’s Voice! It Actually wasn’t her fault, It Was the contract that ivan forced on her to shout in almost every song When he was with them.

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