Shakira Rocks Out On “Empire”: Listen To Her Kooky New Single

It’s been a busy day for Shakira. The 37-year-old stunner unveiled the tracklist for her self-titled LP this morning (February 24) and announced “Empire” as the follow-up to Rihanna duet “Can’t Remember To Forget You”. This afternoon, she kept the momentum going by unexpectedly premiering the new track on VEVO.

Describing the kooky rock song as surprising would be an understatement. Colombia’s finest export has dabbled in guitar-pop over the years but “Empire” is her rowdiest rock adventure by far. It begins in acoustic mode with a sparse intro before Shakira unleashes her inner head-banger and howls her way through the chorus. I needed a couple of listens to fully process the new direction but I love how she keeps us guessing and I’m even more excited for her new album now. Listen after the jump.

Is this a good sound for Shakira? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • NinaLee

    VERY Alanis Morisette, i like it!

    • Adam Indera Alam Shah

      I was about to say the same thing!

      • Terence

        That’s what people said 15 years ago when they heard her, too.
        The Latin Alanis -_-

    • dermyj712

      New Strip Video of Shakira

  • MusicManDave

    Love this new direction! Hope it becomes a huge single.

  • Zoe19

    What a wonderful song, I’m moved …

  • drew

    I was already planning my snarky comment about this before I listened. And then I listened. Not bad.

  • Meghan

    such a good song .. was not expecting some thing like that from Shakira ! I hope its a hit!

  • Terence

    I don’t see how this is a new direction for her… I recently heard her Devocion song, and it’s sort of the same rocky thing. Does anyone even remember her Don’t Bother single? How about Inevitable? Or her (awesome) Quiero Mas cover?
    The only time Shakira really went overboard with something new was with She Wolf—and it was disastrous (shame on her fans for not supporting her experimenting).
    The English market seems really schizophrenic when it comes to her work… “new direction” indeed.

  • Mike

    I wrote off this entire era based on the lackluster and seemingly forced Can’t Remember to Forget You….and this song completely restored my hope in this CD…while I do agree with Terence that this song is slightly reminiscent of Devocion which is one of my favorite Sale el Sol tracks and that rock isn’t anything new for Shak..I do feel like this is the first time that she’s been able to create a truly EPIC rock track in English…her other English rock songs have been good but they’ve never fully captured her true essence until now….I hope that the longtime fans rally behind this song…especially those who’ve been complaining about Shakira losing her way and depending too much on her dance tracks! This song deserves an equally epic video and lots of promotion…maybe just maybe the American market will finally be able to appreciate Shakira for the true artist that she is

  • Terence

    Just to clear up, my comment was directed at the other “commenters”; it was not my singular reflection on the new Shakira song.
    To clarify: Shakira’s “Empire” caught me off-guard, but I warmed up to the grandiose track quicker than I did to “Can’t Remember to Forget You”–I LOVED it.