‘The Voice’: A Starbucks Barista & A Wedding Singer Advance Through Night Two Of Blind Auditions

There was so much distraction in the form of The Medley That Will Go Down in Infamy on Monday night (February 24), that hardly enough attention was given to how fantastic all of The Voice coaches are looking this season. Luckily, with the whole “just wear the same clothes so we can make a storyline out of these auditions” approach, there’s plenty of time to correct that.

“What baby weight?” Shakira‘s skintight mini-dress shouts, as the superstar siren shimmies her way throughout the episode. Usher is going for more of a superstar next door look, with 24 carat shoes standing out against his black leather pants and black tee ensemble. An understated Adam Levine has just enough of his arms showing to remind the ladies that there is a sexy beast waiting underneath his newly engaged preppy look. And Blake Shelton — well — would the country coach even be recognizable wearing anything other than his plaid shirt and blazer uniform?

But onto the substance! Going into night two, Usher has three contestants, Shakira and Adam each have two and Blake looks to catch up after scoring just one contestant on night one. Let’s see what the hopefuls have to say about that.

Delvin Choice – 24 – South Carolina Returning to the stage is Delvin Choice, the singing Starbucks barista who, despite a whole lot of Voice sponsorship from the brand, did not make it past the Blind Auditions in Season 5. During this season’s Blind Auditions, however, he gets immediate spins from Shakira, Adam and Blake, and a last minute spin from Usher with his performance of Donny Hathaway‘s version of “A Song for You.”

“I didn’t even recognize your voice, that’s how much better it was,” says Adam.

“I’m blown away, and you’ve got to tell me how you fix your hair,” says Blake, in true form.

“You are the singer I’ve been looking for,” says Shakira, before pledging to him that she’ll take him to the top.

Usher points out that no other coach even knows the Donny Hathaway song Delvin performs. “I swear that I’ll tell you the whole truth even if it’s horrible. I’m going to be honest with you, because I want you to be great,” he says.

Delvin selects Adam, citing the intensity in his eyes.

Madilyn Paige – 16 – Utah 16 year-old independent filmmaker (suppress eye rolls) Madilyn Paige wants to step out from behind the camera into the spotlight as a musician. She has been singing since she was even younger with her gaggle of blonde sisters, and wholesomely sips milk out of her Starbucks cup prior to her audition. She sings a stripped down version of David Guetta and Sia‘s “Titanium,” earning spins from Usher and Shakira.

“There are many different dynamics to your voice,” says Usher. Then he drops the Bieber bomb, because when it comes to grooming 16 year-olds, he does have an impressive track record.

“You are so cute, and your voice is so beautiful, yet powerful at the same time,” says Shakira.

Madeline chooses Usher, prompting Usher to send his first thank you note of the season to the Biebs.

Noah Lis – 22 – Massachusetts Although he doesn’t explicitly use the term “wedding singer,” Noah Lis runs an entertainment business booking 250 events a year. So…wedding singer. Dedicating his performance to his grandfather, Noah delivers a rendition of “Me And Mrs. Jones” that is heavy on the vibrato, and would absolutely kill at any wedding. Both Adam and Blake hear something in his voice and turn around at the very last moment.

Blake enthusiastically compares Noah to Dean Martin and Michael Buble. “You sang the crap out of it, and you look so cool with that tie on!” exclaims Blake.

“I think it does need a little refinement, but I think that’s why you should do it with me,” says Adam. “I can guide you to the place that you want to get to.”

Noah picks Blake, perhaps partially because he is Michael Buble’s self-proclaimed “biggest fan.”

Deja Hall – 16 – Texas It sure is a young group this season! 16 year-old Deja Hall joins the growing number of teenage Voice hopefuls with a sweet version of Cyndi Lauper‘s “True Colors.” Despite some shaky runs, Usher, Blake and Shakira turn around to vie for her attention.

“You’re so angelic, and your voice is so beautiful,” says Shakira “It doesn’t matter who you choose: you’re going to be a star.”

“I think you can win this show, but I don’t think you can win this show with either one of these two,” says Blake, and drops mention of both Danielle Bradbury and the possibility that he will adopt her.

“What a courageous young girl you are, because it’s not an easy song,” says Usher, promising Deja that he can bring her to the top.

After a bit of debate, Deja picks Shakira, and Shakira gives a celebratory hip shake.

Cary Laine – 28 – Alabama Mom by day, country star by night, Cary Laine sings The Band Perry‘s “Better Dig Two.” She hits some nasal notes, but earns turns from all four judges. The mini-Miranda Lambert is then given the star treatment, as one by one, each coach has her sit in their red chair.

Though very little of substance is said during this session of musical chairs, Adam tells Cary, “I don’t have a female country singer on my team, so you don’t have any competition.”

“Do you want Nashville to take you seriously?” Blake counters. “Cassadee Pope has already had her first number one album in country music!”

“Don’t you think a girl like me would understand you better?” asks Shakira.

Usher all but gives up when he sees the cowboy boots Cary is rocking, but tells her, “Dare to be different.”

It is an utter shock when the cowboy boot wearing, Band Perry singing Alabama native does not choose Blake, but instead joins Team Adam. In fairness, he was the first to offer up his red chair.

Whether it’s strategy or the lack of his “I’m the reigning Voice champ” schtick to rely on, Blake lags behind the other three coaches on contestant numbers. Even n00b coaches Shakira and Usher are beating him in the contestant appeals! Blake and the gang have at it again next week when a whole new group of hopefuls take the stage.

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