The Vamps’ “Last Night” Video: Watch The Guys Put On A Mega Dance Carnival Party

Thematically, there’s not much difference between The Vamps‘ new single “Last Night” and Katy Perry‘s 2011 chart-topper “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”. Both involve crazy throw-downs that result in the attendees having a bit of convenient amnesia afterward, while nonetheless vowing to do it all again.

The difference with the music videos for the two songs is that, of course, there are no cameos by Debbie Gibson, Corey Feldman, Kenny G or Rebecca Black in The Vamps’ clip. No matter — the UK boy band manage to take the budget they’re given and turn the soundstage into a makeshift carnival, where they ride a mechanical bull, smash a guitar-shaped piñata and ring-toss teddy bears for a pack of eager girls.

And how did the lads afford this particular soiree, you might be wondering? I’d start with the multiple shots containing Beats By Dre product placement and go from there.

Watch the video for The Vamps’ latest UK single above.

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