Ciara Shades Beyonce With (Not So) Subtle Throwback Thursday Instagram Post

The ladies of R&B spending more time throwing shade than writing music. Mom-to-be Ciara fired subtle (but not really) shots this morning by updating her Instagram with a throwback thursday post of her on the set of 2009 video “Love Sex Magic”. The rub? She just happens to be striking a similar pose — and wearing a similar outfit — to one featured in Beyonce‘s eye-popping “Partition” visual.

We get it CiCi. You pulled stripper moves against a rope while rocking animal print first. The set-ups are different enough for it to be a coincidence but fair play to the “Body Party” diva for pointing it out. And let’s face it, Beyonce really couldn’t care less. “Partition” is racking up millions of views and shooting up iTunes, while Ciara gets in her feelings over an outfit. See her Insta-update after the jump.

Oh and here’s a pic of Bey’s butt from the “Partition” video because I’ve watched it once too often and know where to pause:

Is Ciara being petty or totally justified? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • RtA1913

    I can’t at this article the Beyonce ass kissing is too much! Let me state some facts for you:
    1. Beyonce (the album) is a mediocre R&B laced album full of sex songs overhyped to the max because of its surprise release.
    2. Partition is a sex tape that wants to be a music video.
    3. Beyonce has plagiarized so much work through her years that now all you act like it’s normal.

    I don’t care if Ciara is right or not just stop being so biased.

    • Guest

      Those aren’t facts, those are simply your opinions. Beyonce (the album) sold extremely well with no promotion. Why? Because it’s actually good.

      • RtA1913

        I’m not a hater, actually I didn’t even attack Beyonce, I think she’s a great performer but her music is just basic, and yes maybe that’s my opinion so you saying it’s a great album is an opinion too. The album is doing good because every blog overhyped it, just like last years JT’s albums (specially part one). Not because something sell millions it means it’s good, people go and buy what you tell them it’s good so there you have it. Besides she’s selling her album with a bunch of 17 videos so I don’t see the slayage.

        And no promotion? Excuse me? All Beyonce did last year was promote herself, she was everywhere, she built a hype for her and her music and then surprise, here’s my album! That was a very clever move, she is a great business woman, I’ll give her that! Because we all now that album has no hit (except Drunk in Love but they wouldn’t have released it as a lead single) and a traditional release would have seen her repeating “4″ numbers.

        • BeyonceFan

          Definitely sippin’ that haterade all day! All artists promote themselves, whether they are solo or in a group; it only makes sense to do so when you want to maintain your fan base and stay relevant since doing music is how you make a living. Just like any other job for us common folk, you want to continuously be good at your job to maintain good credibility..duh. Beyonce is awesome at what she does, and that is obvious due to her tremendous fan-base. How many other artists do you know that are also legit real people and actually have a passion about anything humanitarian? She legit is about empowering women and charitable. The album itself was not promoted at all. Singles become hits usually when they’re released one by one before an album drops. That whole album is essentially a collection of hits because they are all good, and she had awesome collaborators. If you’re going to hate and attempt to seem like you know everything do it correctly. I could hardly understand what you were saying at some points in your comments.

    • NinaLee

      EWWWW i smell a HATER lmao. you going into intensive detail about your opinions just proves it, bite your tongue. Beyonces album is great and she does everything better, thats why people are mad, ciara actually didn’t do this first, I’ve seen this from britney spears and janet jackson before her too

  • Lennyx

    Actually Beyonce isn’t wearing animal print. She’s just in her undergarments and the disco lights make it seem like she’s wearing animal print. Look at her face, you can see it has the same spots as her body.

  • Coy

    lol@ ^….why so angry over an artist and people who like her? I nvr did understood that.

    Btw, Nicki Minaj did her version of the printed animal in a cage grind in her video I “Beez in the trap….ijs.

    • faye

      nah it was Stupid Hoe. And that video was inspired by shakira’s “She wolf” video

  • huh

    …because Ciara invented stripper moves.

  • carlos

    I don’t think it’s shade because the Love Sex Magic video is like all Sasha Fierce/B’Day videos mixed in one.

  • yesterdaynews

    Ciara is throwing shade because Mike said so!

    If Mike wears a hat and says he is the first person to, its true! Because MIKE SAID SO!

  • xsushi

    This is like getting mad at your friend for going to disneyland a year later and taking a picture with Mickey. I like them both, they did something similar in their own way and then moved on. Maybe we all should too.

  • Wilimina

    What was this writer looking at. Bey is not wearing much of anything. The animal print is a screen projection honey.

  • smh

    if you go to ciara’s instagram, she posted a bunch of pictures for tbt including pictures from promise, lsm, and got me good…. she wasn’t shading anyone smh a blog can post anyhing and the people are so gullible

  • Lillian

    Ciara may have have had her idea for that vision first, but King B did it “million-dollar’ better !

  • Madame Figaro

    Well, technically, Beyoncé simply copied a classic show from the crazy horse in Paris. The whole video is just a copy of that show… The original is better than Beyoncé ‘ s copy. Simply because it’s timeless. Beyoncé sure is no original!

  • Guest

    Check out You Tube – that pic with Beyoncé playing on the poles is taken from You Tube. Enough said…..

  • guest

    i think who ever posted this is messy. Ciara always post throw back pictures. I do not believe she was taking shots at Beyonce at all.. She was just posting her pictures

  • Hannah Black

    who wrote this behive…… honestly who ever did this have no life… live your own damn life and care bout people that actually care about you and not ur money..