Kiesza’s “Hideaway” Is A Great New Dance Jam You Should Know In 2014: Watch The Video

kiesza hideaway
Street Moves
Remember when Madonna was releasing videos in her early days that depicted a simpler life for a pop star, one spent on the streets of New York, running around with local boys and wearing trendy clothing? Canadian newcomer Kiesza (pronounced Ky-za), a 25-year-old ex-ballerina/ex-Navy member, emulates the fashionable days of Reagan-era street dancing (on the sidewalks of Brooklyn) in her video for “Hideaway,” itself a house track that recalls the best of ’90s club jams.

“Hideaway” comes via indie label Lokal Legend, but give it some time; if Kiesza’s got more delectable dance tracks like this one up her sleeve, we can totally see this budding diva breaking out in a big way, and moving up to more towering heights.

Watch Kiesza’s “Hideaway” video above. The single has an April 14 release date, and it’s truly one of the great new pop discoveries of 2014.

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  • Dave

    I helped Keisza out for free on one of her music videos, and i was so disappointed by her ungratefulness. She was acting like she was some kind of big shot whiney brat, and couldn’t even be bothered to help clean up at the end of the day. You don’t get to act that way until you’re made it and you’re actually PAYING your crew.

    • Sandy

      In RollingStone it says she broke a rib THE DAY OF the shoot. Is it true? Does that cover her attitude? Or was she actually all mean and then broke a rib incidentally? What did she do besides not cleaning up? I watched the video and was impressed, so you guys definitely did a good job… but now I’m just curious about her.