Whatcha Say: Shakira, Kylie Minogue And Beyonce Got Our Readers Talking

Feb 28th, 2014 // 2 Comments

TGIF, Idolator readers! This week, Pharrell pulled a Beyoncé-lite and surprise streamed his new album G I R L, which we’ve been buzzing about all week. And speaking of Bey, the “Diva” dropped her “Partition” video on VEVO, which had our tongues wagging all over again. Shakira released her rock-tinged new single “Empire,” while Eminem and Rihanna announced a joint tour. (Count us in!)

Plus, we sat down with The Vamps and the fabulous Miss Kylie Minogue, and launched our bangin’ Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour merch giveaway. We’ve been LOVING all the photos you’ve been sending us. Seriously. (Have you decided to #SMOOCHMILEY yet?)

As always, you guys had plenty to say. Check out the best comments of the week below!

:: Terence remained unimpressed and reminded us all to check the receipts after hearing Shakira’s new single on Shakira Rocks Out On “Empire”: Listen To Her Kooky New Single: “I don’t see how this is a new direction for her… I recently heard her ‘Devocion’ song, and it’s sort of the same rocky thing. Does anyone even remember her ‘Don’t Bother’ single? How about ‘Inevitable’? Or her (awesome) ‘Quiero Mas’ cover?”

:: Mike‘s faith in Shakira, however, was restored: “I wrote off this entire era based on the lackluster and seemingly forced Can’t Remember to Forget You…and this song completely restored my hope in this CD. While I do agree with Terence that this song is slightly reminiscent of ‘Devocion’ which is one of my favorite Sale el Sol tracks and that rock isn’t anything new for Shak..I do feel like this is the first time that she’s been able to create a truly EPIC rock track in English.”

:: The Twerking Budgie was in la, la, love with our Kylie interview on Kylie Minogue Discusses Pharrell, Sia And New Album ‘Kiss Me Once’: Idolator Interview: “What a fantastic interview that made me appreciate Kylie’s intelligence and craft even more. She seems like she’d be a hell of a lot of fun to hang out with and to listen to all the PWL gems with, too. Please make #kyliefest and #wellspottedyou trend.”

:: alessandromusic was feeling funny after watching the “Partition” video on The 10 Best Moments Of Beyonce’s Sizzling “Partition” Video: “The close-up of her ass at the 3:39 mark, against the black velvet rope is enough to make this gay boy turn straight.”

:: hi suspected something more sinister while staring at the pictures of Lorde and Taylor Swift on the beach together on Taylor Swift & Lorde Are Beach Besties: “Taylor is a mastermind sociopath that is trying to stay on top and relevant by using Lorde. It may work too if they record a song together.”

:: Chauncey was upset that will.i.am didn’t take a chance on Danja for Brit Brit’s Britney Jean on Danja Reveals Two Unreleased Britney Spears Demos & “Hot As Ice” Remix: Listen: “It’s pretty sad when three snippets show up an entire album. Let this be a wake up call, Will.I.am out, Danja back in b.c this could/should/hopefully will be soooo hot & Blackout forever owns the crown.”

:: Andy M. was mesmerized by Pharrell’s latest offering with Daft Punk on Pharrell & Daft Punk’s “Gust Of Wind”: Listen To The ‘G I R L’ Track: “I don’t know what 2014 has in store for music, but Pharrell has already raised the bar….again.”

drew was feeling Dawn Richard’s “Dark Horse” remix on Dawn Richard Drops A Spooky Electro-R&B ‘Unicorn Remix’ Of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”: Listen: “I liked it. I LOVE Dawn (so much), but really didn’t think she needed all the audio distortion. It also would have been a bit better with a drop. Either way, it’s still a quality remix/interpretation.”

:: RtA1913 was not here for the Bey worship on Ciara Shades Beyonce With (Not So) Subtle Throwback Thursday Instagram Post: “I think she’s a great performer but her music is just basic, and yes maybe that’s my opinion so you saying it’s a great album is an opinion too. The album is doing good because every blog overhyped it, just like last years JT’s albums (specially part one). Not because something sell millions it means it’s good, people go and buy what you tell them it’s good so there you have it. Besides she’s selling her album with a bunch of 17 videos so I don’t see the slayage.”

:: But BeyonceFan had Bey’s back: “Definitely sippin’ that haterade all day! All artists promote themselves, whether they are solo or in a group; it only makes sense to do so when you want to maintain your fan base and stay relevant since doing music is how you make a living. Just like any other job for us common folk, you want to continuously be good at your job to maintain good credibility..duh.”

:: And xsushi wisely suggested we just call the whole thing off: “This is like getting mad at your friend for going to disneyland a year later and taking a picture with Mickey. I like them both, they did something similar in their own way and then moved on. Maybe we all should too.”

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  1. Terence

    Just to clear up, my comment was directed at the other “commenters”; it was not my singular reflection on the new Shakira song.
    To clarify: Shakira’s “Empire” caught me off-guard, but I warmed up to the grandiose track quicker than I did to “Can’t Remember to Forget You”–I LOVED it.

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