Adam Lambert And Lea Michele Cover Heart’s Classic Rock Anthem “Barracuda” For ‘Glee’: Listen

Adam Lambert has already treated us to covers of Katy Perry‘s “Roar” and The Darkness“I Believe In A Thing Called Love” since joining Glee but his version — with a little help from Lea Michele — of Heart‘s rock anthem “Barracuda” could be his best yet.

The timeless 1977 classic is a perfect fit for Adam’s ferocious brand of pop/rock and he sounds well and truly at home howling over those iconic guitar riffs. His duet partner sounds less comfortable (perhaps Demi Lovato would have been a better choice for this number) but it’s still an enjoyable ride. Listen after the jump.

In the mood for even more “Barracuda”? Revisit Fergie‘s version, which is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Let us know what you think of Adam’s latest cover in the comments below.

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  • tenthplanet

    Hey – what a great cover – Lambert’s vocals are terrific – rockin’ it out – more, please.

    • salvation

      Sorry, Lea’s voice doesn’t suit rock genre.
      Even Chris Colfer is better in duets with Adam or anyone with all kinds of genre. He’s that versatile.
      Lea’s voice is great but more to pop/theatrical.

  • Maloy

    Fabulous–Adam Lambert covers everything better than the originals.

  • terry

    I thought Rachel did really well but yes, Demi has something in her vocals that’s a better match with Adam’s soaring vocal abilities. I’m loving her and Adam’s contributions to the Supremes cover (The Happening) from the same upcoming episode. Barracuda is his sweet spot tho!!! Like ear-sex!

  • Barbara

    Adam treated us to “Marry The Night”. A Lady GaGa cover.
    He was barely featured in “Roar”

    • terry

      Yeah it’s kinda weird that the writer mentions Roar – where he was hardly there at all – but completely ignored Adam’s spectacular SOLO debut performance on the show that got everyone talking – Marry The Night. Strange. LMAO

  • Ann Marrie

    You forgot to mention Adam’s outstanding solo performance of “Marry The Night” on Glee. Incredible!!! I also loved “Barracuda” and Lea did OK but she was somewhat outside of her comfort zone. As usual, Adam knocked it out of the ballpark!!! I was hoping to see a lot more of Demi on Glee. She’s got an incredible voice. I would have liked to hear Adam and her really rock it out in a duet but I do like “The Happening” with Chris.

  • Rema

    Adam is amazing and can sing anything! Everyone of his cover sounds better than the original to me. If you want a real treat, go to youtube and watch some of his performances with Queen!

  • Limsovita

    Adam is a best singer, I enjoyed him sing with lea:) they are very amazing on glee, love you forever adam lambert

  • Love Adam

    I love adam sang ” I believe in a thing called love and Marry the night very much:))) i love him as a performer . He can become a film star, this is my dream

  • LMG

    why does it say Lea Michele feat. Adam Lambert? It should be the other way around. At least he didn’t phone it in like she did.