Rixton Unveils Official Debut Single “Me And My Broken Heart”: Watch The Lyric Video

The Next Big Thing?
After grabbing everyone’s attention with “Make Out” (a buzz track to introduce the band), Rixton finally unleash their official debut single “Me And My Broken Heart”. Produced by the always awesome Benny Blanco, the song is an absolute revelation.

The catchy guitar-pop of “Make Out” has been channeled into something more refined and mature. “Me And My Broken Heart” sounds like Maroon 5 on a very good day with its soulful vocal, funk-heavy bass and playful guitars. The sing-a-long chorus doesn’t hurt either. As for the lyric video? It’s shot in the first person and features a lot of hand-written notes. Watch up top.

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  • JGuy

    NO. This song is terrible. It sounds EXACTLY like Rob Thomas’ “Lonely No More” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7spBU4Yv8fE&feature=kp), which was also a terrible song. “Absolute revelation”, are you kidding me?! We’re talking about sub par pop music, no one will listen to it after the summer. A revelation makes it sound like you found the new Beatles or another Michael Jackson, this is crap and thank god it won’t stick around for too long. It sounds like it should be the jingle for a bank commercial.

  • Lizzy

    Me and my broken heart is AWESOME!!!
    I totally love it. It’s been stuck in my head like all the time!