Ariana Grande Performs Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” At The White House: Watch

Ariana Sings For The President
Ariana Grande shared the stage with vocal heavyweights Jill Scott, Patti LaBelle, Janelle Monae and Melissa Etheridge as well as The Voice winner Tessanne Chin at last night’s (March 6) Women Of Soul: In Performance At The White House concert, which was hosted by President Obama and the First Lady.

The 20-year-old looked understandably nervous but delivered a competent if unspectacular version of Whitney Houston‘s classic ballad “I Have Nothing”. She sounded much more at home performing Yours Truly bop “Tattooed Heart” and later joined the other ladies for an entertaining rendition of Tina Turner‘s iconic jam “Proud Mary”. Watch all of Ari’s performances up top.

Did Ariana deliver the goods? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Via Necole Bitchie].

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  • Sean

    She has a decent voice but it pales in comparison to Jill, Melissa, Patti and Tessanne. Doesn’t even compare. She’s a fine pop artist, but not soul.

  • Frank

    ^ Decent? Hahah

    • Sean

      Oh come on.

      Did you listen to the rest of the women at the event? I think she’s a breath of fresh air in today’s pop music scene, but her voice doesn’t compare. To Whitney’s or to any of the other women on that stage.

  • Michaela

    People can say whatever that want, but the truth is, is that Ariana has literally one of the best voices I’ve ever heard.
    And she has to be something to be invited to the WHITE HOUSE!
    I mean come on!!!!

    If you ask me Ariana is the best vocalist as of now, in ANY genre.
    So please, come back when YOU can perform PERFECT whistle tones, and have been invited to sing for the president and the first lady.

    Love you Ari

    • Jay

      1.) Nobody did ask you….you decided to go on that little I’m an overly obsessed rant yourself.

      2.) Theres something called an opinion. You have yours while others have theirs. You should learn to respect it.

      3 ) Can you sing/ perfect whistle tones? Because if not you probably should keep that part to yourself.

  • Nickalus Randle

    no way anyone can hate on this girl, she is super young, with an incredible voice…Babyface needs to work with her, she will easily soar like Mariah-AMAZING!

    • Pedro

      Her voice is NOTHING like Mariah’s…the only thing she’s got remotely in common is the whistle register and even that is different nor on the level of Mariah.
      She does have talent and a good voice but she ain’t all that. She’s what…20yo? So was Mariah when she first came out…listen to both at the same age and then tell me if you think Ariana’s anything like Mariah. She’s talented in her own right but not remotely close to Mariah.
      At the very same age Mariah had a much MUCH more powerful voice, fuller sound (Ariana’s very nasal and thin), full resonance, real soulful sound, amazing diction even when belting LIVE powerful F#5 notes.
      Ariana, as talented as she is, sounds pretty amateur-ish most of the times in comparison.

  • Anna

    Crazy good voice. I’ve seen her on Nickelodeon shows but has no idea how ridiculously talented she is.

  • Joseph Corbick

    she sucked my cock. Her boyfriend that mnade her upset to break up with me. I taught her eveything she knows. She haas a voice. Because she was deep throating my dick.