Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Reenact ‘Dirty Dancing’ In Sexy Instagram Videos

Any doubt that Justin Bieber had reunited with former flame Selena Gomez has been erased once and for all by a pair of eye-popping Instagram videos. After dedicating “As Long As You Love Me” to the Stars Dance diva at a surprise SXSW performance earlier today (March 10), the Canadian superstar took his girlfriend to dance rehearsal and things got really heated.

These videos are as close to a remake of Dirty Dancing as we’re likely to get. There’s a good girl (Sel), a bad boy (JB) and lots of extremely sexy choreography — including the trademark lift. They really should cover “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” and release the full rehearsal video because this is the most enjoyable content Justin has delivered in years. Watch the duo dance to John Legend‘s “Ordinary People” after the jump.

EDIT: Justin deleted the videos but someone captured the footage and put it on YouTube. Watch below:

How do you feel about this very public display of affection? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • sarah


  • MuriBelieber


  • David B Conway

    im just worry about selena gomez , health scare , and she what,s to still go out with , justin bieber , i know that this comment , i just made ,is only my own opinion , and all ,thing,s does , happened just after lupus scare , she never thought about , her little sister so much , just after she went back to justin bieber , ,

  • Lara

    Was this dance worth of loosing a true friend Selena? Was it?

  • katie

    Katie is a good girl