‘The Voice’ Recap: Shakira, Usher & Adam Levine Save Spins For Final Night Of Blind Auditions

It’s a rough road for the final group of Blind Auditions contestants on The Voice. Not only are the contestants trying out for coaches who are pickier (and therefore less button-happy) than in week one, but also, the last few have a limited number of coaches available to spin for them. As Usher, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Shakira’s teams close out, their buttons become as helpful as Justin Bieber in a deposition.

But a lucky four were able to overcome the Bieber-buttons last night (March 11) to round out the coaches’ teams of twelve. Here’s who they are, and how they did it.

Kaleigh Glanton – 20 – Kansas

Fitness enthusiast Kaleigh Glanton is positive she could beat Usher in a cross-fit workout, and is at the very least prepared for any pushups that might come her way during practice should he become her coach. The singer and classical guitarist currently duets with her dad, but is ready to make it as a solo artist. Kaleigh sings Creedence Clearwater Revival’s”Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” and while her unique tone has some overly nasal moments, it is softened by sweet falsettos.

Naturally, Shakira likes it, and she also earns spins from Blake, Adam and Usher (giving Kaleigh the final #4chairs of the season).

“I adore the sound of your voice,” says Shakira. “It’s so quirky. I’m a little quirky and you’re quirky;  we should quirk up.”

“I may not be quirky, however, there is a very unique quality to your voice and a gentle tone,” says Usher.

“I think it needs work,” says Adam. “What was so exciting to me was that it’s just different.”

Blake counters Adam, telling Kaleigh he likes her voice just fine. ”I love your style. You just need a spotlight, and I’m the guy that can put a spotlight on you,” he says.

While Kaleigh agrees with Adam that her performance skills need work, she selects Blake, completing the first full team of the season. Guess she’ll have to challenge Usher to a pushup contest on her own time.

Brittnee Camelle – 23 – Georgia Pop diva hopeful Brittnee Camelle is taking time off from her pursuit of a degree in nursing to take a chance on The Voice. “School can always wait, but you only get one chance to follow your dream,” she says of giving up her scholarship if she is picked to move forward. Brittnee delivers a throaty performance of Demi Lovato‘s “Skyscraper,” earning spins from two out of the three remaining coaches. Usher and Shakira prepare to fight for her.

“I heard something very genuine in your tone,” says Usher. “I want to mentor and give you the support that you need to be the incredible artist I think that you are.”

“You’re just going to need someone who’s done this before as a female artist,” says Shakira. “You can get to the top of this competition, I’m sure, if I’m your coach.”

Despite Blake and Adam’s enthusiastic support of Shakira, Brittnee picks fellow Georgian, Usher.

Lindsay Bruce – 25 – California Lindsay Bruce must have drawn the short straw, to be a country act performing after Blake’s team is already filled. The singer/songwriter has always wanted to be a singer, and turned to music after losing a family member on 9/11. “This is me going after it,” she says as she and her cowboy boots perform Eli Young Band‘s “Even If It Breaks Your Heart.” Her twang-filled performance earns spins from both Adam and Shakira, ready for a fair fight without their country counterpart.

“You really did a stunning job of maintaining your control and making it thoroughly pleasant to listen to,” says Adam.

“As a female artist who sort of uses the same technique as you do, we belong together,” says Shakira, who promises to call Miranda Lambert in times of need, and has the outspoken support of both Blake and Usher.

Can’t argue with that! Lindsay picks “the girl on the team,” joining Team Shakira.

Caleb Elder – 19 – Virginia Soul singer Caleb Elder works in a donut shop by day, and plays shows in the evening. He has the unfortunate task of performing with just one available coach left, but, as luck would have it, that coach wants him almost immediately. Adam turns around quickly for Caleb’s performance of King Floyd‘s “Groove Me,” causing Caleb to completely lose it for a tick. As the coaches’ chairs don’t have “take backs” buttons, Adam instead encourages him to continue. Caleb’s stage presence is a touch awkward, but vocally, he has potential.

“Our coaching relationship started 10 seconds after you sang and you almost lost your mind,” says Adam of Caleb’s mid-song pause. After an elated Caleb leaps off the stage, Adam celebrates the added perk of his new — and final team member. “Free donuts for my team? That’s a huge get.”

So there you have it — four fully stocked teams ready for the Battles. The Battle Rounds, which begin on Monday (March 17), are following the same rules (for now), but with a new slate of superstar mentors. Grammy winner Miranda Lambert is on deck to help Shakira (all of Shakira’s promises when wooing country singers to her team were no joke); Grammy winners The Band Perry will be helping Miranda’s husband, Blake; Aloe Blacc is taking his talents to Team Adam and Grammy winner Jill Scott will work with Usher as he pursues his first win.

Who do you think has the strongest team going into the Battles? Let us know in the comments.