Kylie Minogue Conquers The Dance Floor On ‘Kiss Me Once’ Bonus Track “Mr. President”: Listen

If I have one complaint about Kylie Minogue‘s otherwise flawless Kiss Me Once LP, it’s that the production is occasionally a little too polite. Sure, the synths will get you moving but you’re unlikely to break a sweat. That problem is rectified in fine style on fast and furious bonus track “Mr. President”.

Produced by Australian DJ Tommy Trash, the hardest cut on Kylie’s 12th album is an unapologetic electro-house monster that veers toward the increasingly popular Melbourne Sound. “Hey Mr. President, I’ll be your Marilyn and I’ll never leave ya!” coos the ageless diva over chunky synths and a brutal bass line. Listen to the unexpected gem after the jump.

Is this a good sound for Kylie? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • Whitney

    B L O W J O B video of Kylie Minogue

  • cVnt


  • Jonny Midnight

    UGH! Hate it. Sounds like some Top 40 teenybopper pop song, from some new wanna be. Kylie is capable of much better. E.G. Love Affair, Love At First Sight.

  • Harry

    Amazing album, but Mr. President is the BEST song there and should be on the album proper. Kylie please pursue this sound

  • rick lisle

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