Lady Gaga’s SXSW Show Was Batsh*t Insane: Watch Her Get Puked On, Scissor & Roast On A Spit

What in the actual fuck. OK this might actually be the most outrageous thing Lady Gaga has ever done. More outrageous than the meat dress. More outrageous than the Marina Abramovic nude art camp thing. For Mother Monster’s SXSW show last night (March 13), the star voluntarily got vomited on. Yup! During “Swine,” as the star was drumming, a woman came on stage, chugged a bottle of green liquid, shoved her fingers down her throat and regurgitated it onto Gaga. Several times.

Then, Gaga mounted a mechanical bull pig and got the same treatment with black goo, but this time they were scissoring as it happened. She didn’t wipe the bodily fluids off her for the remainder of the set. And there was so much puke, you guys. The fact that this was all happening with a backdrop of giant neon Doritos logos makes it even more subversive.

By the way, she started the show in typical Gaga fashion, being roasted on a spit (because she was at Stubb’s BBQ!) and spanked for “Aura,” which in retrospect is Sara Bareilles-level tameness.

Watch videos and GIFs of her putting the “gag” in Gaga (or, perhaps you’d prefer, “Gaga, more like Gah!-ga”) below.

It Finally Happened: Lady Gaga Was Voluntarily Puked On


It Finally Happened: Lady Gaga Was Voluntarily Puked On


It Finally Happened: Lady Gaga Was Voluntarily Puked On

[via Buzzfeed & Billboard]

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  • Because You Scissored Me

    Didn’t Celine Dion and Diane Warren do this exact same act at one of Clive Davis’s parties decades ago?

  • James P Kabat

    This isn’t art anymore, it’s just plain lunacy and delusion. Lady Gaga is clearly deranged and shouldn’t be glorified her for disgusting and outrageous antics. Good thing that majority of the public just doesn’t care anymore and isn’t sold on the shock value and her constant need for attention, no matter what the outcome or consequences.

    • Sandra Rose

      You do not know what the song is about, how it is targeted to the media & the people who’ve abused her etc. It’s a rape song and she’s using sick art (a artist who is known to vomit non-toxic paint) This song and performace is very metaphorical.