Lady Gaga’s “Brooklyn Nights”: Hear The Unreleased ‘ARTPOP’ Ballad

Lady Gaga sings sweetly of heartbreak in “Brooklyn Nights,” an unreleased dance-pop ballad that has surfaced online. She recalls nights of crying herself to sleep and souvenirs from a past relationship, though she sings the hook as if other, fond memories are surfacing as well: “It’s not that I don’t want to love you / It’s not that I’m over it, you know, you know / It’s just that I can’t watch us to bleed to death / When we used to be Brooklyn-nights happy.”

According to Gagapedia, Mother Monster had written “Brooklyn Nights” while inspired by a visit to a North Carolina adult shop where “the pornography was staggering.” Although she originally meant for it to appear on her third album ARTPOP, she later saved for the album’s corresponding app – in retrospect, a decision that makes sense. As promised by Gaga, “Brooklyn Nights” is indeed melancholy and sentimental, though it also feels a little stilted, if not robotic compared to her past ballads.

Hear Lady Gaga’s previously unreleased “Brooklyn Nights” after the jump.

[via The Honesty Hour]

  • HC

    Gaga why? why? Did you leave out ‘Brooklyn Nights’ from “ArtPop”

  • Adam

    Love Gaga’s unreleased ballads. They’re better than the ones that make the final cut, except for the absolutely amazing Yoü And I.
    It’s in her ballads where one can appreciate her talent, usually without the help of producer’s or other co-writers.
    I at least can tell this, from her unique songwriting and melodies.

  • cVnt

    so good. love her unreleased stuff. she’s so versatile!

  • marc

    Gaga fire anyone that works with you. THIS should have gone on ArtPOP.