From “Slow” To “Sexercize”: Kylie Minogue’s 8 Sexiest Videos

Mar 19th, 2014 // 2 Comments
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Kylie Minogue raised the bar for saucy music videos when her super sensual “Sexerzise” visual dropped this morning (March 19). The Australian pop icon hits the gym in stilettos and even indulges in a little girl-on-girl action in the instant cult classic. While still something of a surprise, it’s not the first time she has let loose on camera. In fact, the flawless 45-year-old has been pushing boundaries for longer than your fave has been alive.

The original girl-next-door first vamped it up was in 1991′s “What Do I Have To Do”, which shocked fans with it’s lesbian dance scene and erotic ironing (just go with it). That lead to nude adventures in space (1994′s “Put Yourself In My Place”) and a career-saving stint in gold hot-pants for comeback single “Spinning Around” in 2000. We’ve put together a brief introduction to Kylie’s sexiest videos after the jump.

8. “Red Blooded Woman” (2004)

Kylie cavorted semi-naked in and around a truck in this blockbuster video — making traffic jams a sexier experience for everybody involved.

7. “What Do I Have To Do” (1991)

This video would pass for chaste in 2014 but it caused a sensation at the time when our heroine did some ironing in a French’s maid uniform and danced with one of her gal pals.

6. “On A Night Like This” (2000)

The Australian pop deity headed to Monte Carlo for this epic visual. She rocked a sexy evening gown and even managed to look gorgeous while unconscious in a swimming pool.

5. “Slow” (2003)

What better place to get some sun than Barcelona? Kylie indulges in sexy choreography by the pool with scantily clad men in speedos. I think this classifies as high art.


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    And Confide In Me! And Did it Again!

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