Lady Gaga’s New Single “G.U.Y.” Gets An Official Radio Edit And Cover

After months of confusion surrounding her next move, Lady Gaga has finally pulled the trigger. Mother Monster finally confirmed that Zedd-produced dance anthem “G.U.Y.” would be the next single from ARTPOP yesterday (March 20) and today we got a sneak peek at the extravagant video, which features The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

The belated promo onslaught continues with an official radio edit emerging. Thankfully, the song hasn’t been changed too radically. About 20 seconds have been trimmed from “G.U.Y.”, mostly from the intro, but it’s essentially intact. Which is a good thing. Oh and the above artwork was posted on Interscope’s SoundCloud, so I guess that makes it official too? Listen to the edit after the jump.

Is “G.U.Y.” a radio hit? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • Becca

    I miss the “mount your goddess” part :( But yes, I think it’s great!

  • greg

    it’s ok cause after this flops she will have no choice but to finally release gypsy (the most singleworthy song on the album)

  • John

    This song kind of sucks?

  • Vicky

    Just when I thought she was done bastardizing her own song a billion times.

  • Kyle

    Sounds like Ashlee Simpson’s “L.O.V.E.”

  • Greg


    This song was one of the supreme pieces of ARTPOP, one of the only redeeming pieces of music to salvage what has been a train-wreck of an era (SXSW…. wow.), and now you go and ruin it interscope by cutting off the intro???

    LMFAO right now.
    poor gags.

  • Mark

    Cutting the intro for radio is a good idea.. I think it would’ve been too annoying for the public. I’m excited to see how this does!

  • Manu Henry Ramirez Arenas

    is very good is the New Bad romance! is gaga: P

  • HC

    So I was NOT a Gaga fan till’ I gave “G.U.Y.” a try and listened to it just last night after reading an article saying the song was gonna be ‘ArtPop’s 3rd single. I loved it, as soon as I heard the intro. I’m kinda bummed they cut the intro off for radio, but hey, who cares! “G.U.Y. is a pop masterpiece. I am a Gaga fan now. lol I even purchased the whole album. I’m looking forward to watching the video and future performances.

  • Carsten Gruenberg

    I have to say, that I like “G.U.Y.” more the more often I listen to it. But still my favorites on the album: “ARTpop” and “Gypsy”! I love both songs!! :-D

  • Ebony

    I like it… after hearing it over and over again promise people will fall in love with it lol. shes talented for sure..#littlemonster

  • Javier

    G.U.Y. is one of those songs that you have to listen more than once so you really get into it. It’s lyrics and production is impressive so it deserves to be a single.

  • Princess

    Like the album cut better but still happy this is a single!

  • Matt Converse

    It’ll be a hit. Top 10 definitely. Top 5 probably. #1 is pretty tough but maybe.