Lady Gaga Responds To Demi Lovato’s SXSW Criticism: “I Am Very Supportive Of Demi’s Struggle”

Lady Gaga‘s stomach-turning SXSW performance with vomit artist (this is a thing) Millie Brown drew criticism for putting an arty spin on eating disorders — not in the least from Demi Lovato. She described the display as “sad” and tweeted: “As if we didn’t have enough people glamorizing eating disorders already. Bottom line, it’s not ‘cool’ or ‘artsy’ at all.”

Mother Monster finally responded to the accusations in an interview with E! News. “I have struggled with an eating disorder for over 10 years and I take that very seriously,”  she revealed. “I am very supportive of Demi’s struggle and her recovery as well as the recovery of anyone who is suffering from that.”

However, the “G.U.Y.” diva stands by her vomit-themed act and refuses to apologize. “This performance had absolutely nothing to do with any eating disorder, and we never intended for it to be taken that way,” she explains. “I’m really proud of the performance and really stand by the message of rage and pain that we were trying to express in that moment.”

Are you happy with Gaga’s explanation? Let us know in the comments below.

[Via E! Online].

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  • Pablo

    Demi needs that publicity for that NEON LIGHTS OPEN MIC, oops I mean, TOUR!

    • Mia

      lol excuse me but the last time I checked Demi is said to have one of the best vocals of our generation and you clearly haven’t seen the Neon Lights TOUR because it is perfection from start to finish. Demi doesn’t need publicity for anything. She is expressing her beliefs from personal experience and millions of people including myself are extremely grateful for that.

  • Stefani

    I still think the whole puking thing was a low for Gaga regardless.

  • boosie

    Gaga has to apologize for nothing. Demi is entitled to her opinions but should not affect Gaga in any way.
    Let erry1 do their thang

  • GLM

    Well, judging by Demi’s comments, it sounds like she is pretty culturally-uninformed (which is exactly what most culturally-informed, properly-educated people would assume about her, anyway). Perhaps she has a preexisting dislike for Lady Gaga that pushed her to make that leap that having a “vomit artist” vomit onto her onstage must indicate glamorizing an eating disorder. However, even someone who is culturally-uniformed should have the cognitive ability by her age to understand that even if one were to completely ignore the fact that this was obviously an artistic statement, most acts of vomiting are not the result of an eating disorder. If people dislike Lady Gaga, that’s fine, obviously. Siding with Demi’s unintelligent and immature *Twitter remarks* (because not even someone with as much money as Demi Lovato has the courage to confront Gaga directly) says more about the critic than anything else, and it supports no cause.

    • Travis Alexander Troxell

      Your post is just as, if not more, presumptuous and pompous as Demi’s tweets.

  • Kat

    lol all these comments are so irrelevant and stupid. Demis queen and Gaga is gaga ok bye.


    Im with Demi, when singers like MIley Cyrus glamorise drugs (we cant stop) and Lady Gaga make eating disorders seem ‘fun’, its actually pretty dumb. But one question 4 Demi? We Cant Stop has lyrics about Drug Use in Positive sense, yet Demi kept her mouth shut and even added lyrics from that song in her book!

    • Peyton

      its different to put song lyrics about drugs in your song than literally acting it out on stage. In todays society so many artists glamorize drug use which is unfortunate but Lady GaGa took this way too far. Little girls and boys who struggle with their body every day see this and think its okay and will help them become better. This is wrong and I think a lot of artists need to reevaluate their actions. Thank you Demi for standing up for whats right. She is an artist who accepts and understands because of personal struggles.

  • Alanna

    Yes because the performance had nothing to do with eating disorders