Cyndi Lauper’s Evolution Of “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”: Listen To The Original Demo

Mar 27th, 2014 // 7 Comments
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Pop icon Cyndi Lauper will celebrate the 30th anniversary of her debut solo album (that’s right — she’s was formerly in a short-lived band called Blue Angel) with a souped-up re-release of of She’s So Unusual on April 1. The seminal LP contains such radio and music video classics as “Time After Time,” “All Through The Night,” “She Bop” and “Money Changes Everything.” But there was one song that started it all: “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.”

A decade before the Spice Girls arrived with their tarted-up brand of girl power, Cyndi gave the world a female empowerment anthem that was both edgy and iconic, while still remaining entirely kid-friendly. And today Idolator is premiering a special audio clip that traces the evolution of the song, from it’s punk rock demo (trust, it’s practically an entirely different arrangement) to the reggae-infused rehearsal rendition of the track to the final, uplifting studio version.

Hit up VIBE for a special behind-the-scenes video on the evolution of “Girls.”

Rick Chertoff and William Whitman co-produced the Grammy-nominated “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” that we all know and love, but hearing the track in its original form, before all the bells and whistles were added in the studio, is a real treat.

It kind of makes you wonder what musical direction Cyndi, who’s now a Grammy, Emmy and Tony winner, might have gone off in had she stuck with the original instrumentation here.

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  1. The original ‘punk rock’ version reminds me of some of Blondie’s 80s era stuff. The ‘reggae’ one is interesting because Cyndi did a re-recorded version several years after the original in that style as “Hey Now (Girls Just Want To Have Fun)”.

  2. I would really love to hear that full demo version

  3. Ou

    I love the final cut! It’s one of my all time favorite songs!

  4. Liaa R

    It would be nice if this article had referenced Robert Hazard, who originally wrote and recorded this song in 1979. Cyndi’s awesome version, several years later, is a cover, with some adjustments to the lyric. Here is the original:

  5. I was 17 when She’s So Unusual came out. I took a lot of heat because I have 5 older brothers who really liked rock and heavy metal. But something about Cyndi really got me. I read everything I could about her. I loved how she created her own style at Screaming Mimi’s. And she just seemed like a really fun person. My favorite song on She’s So Unusual is probably the song “He’s So Unusual”. Because her voice cracks me up. I often go to karaoke and sing Cyndi songs, trying to do her voice. Amazing how many times people have come up and said “I couldn’t believe that was a guy singing!”. I love Cyndi and always have. My first concert was seeing Cyndi on her True Colors tour.

  6. Crystal

    I’d buy the album that first one was on. It has far less cheese and a sound that is still appealing in a lot of modern songs today.

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