Win A Signed Copy Of Karmin’s ‘Pulses’!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered
It’s been a long time coming, but as of this week, Karmin‘s debut album Pulses has finally seen the light of day: From “Acapella” to “I Want It All” to the very shirtless “Pulses” (we’ll take it!), the varied collection sees the duo singing and dancing their way through pop, hip-hop, R&B and disco-infused tunes.

We spoke with the dapper duo in our studio about music, record labels and relationships earlier this week, and they were sweet enough to personalize a copy of their brand new album. (Don’t believe us? Watch them sign the CD above!) Now, it’s yours to win. You want it all?


A signed copy of Karmin’s Pulses


To enter to win, leave us a comment below telling us your favorite Karmin song and why.

It could be from Pulses, any of their past single releases, or even one of their famous YouTube covers. Just let us know which one’s your fave! (NOTE: You must use your e-mail address when leaving the comment. That’s how we’ll contact you if you win!)

The winner will be notified via email on Thursday, April 3. Good luck!

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  • Chris T.

    Karmin`s new album ‘Pulses’ is amazing and I love it so much! All the songs have their own unique sound, but I really love ‘Drifter’. It has an island-vibe and it is a song you can jam out to. And how can you forget Amy`s rapping?! I like the message of the song too, you don`t always know where you`re going to be from one day to the next, life is full of surprises.

  • Ava

    It’s extremely tough to choose one favorite Karmin song. They are both so incredibly talented and I love them very much. From covers, to Hello EP, singles, and now Pulses, they are skyrocketing and doing what they love.
    I love Karmin because of how fun, sweet, and loving they are. They are not only talented, but humble in their work.
    They are the sweetest people ever (and I met them back in Feb.)
    They give their all in their songs and their performances, and this leads to my favorite Karmin song being Neon Love, off of Pulses, because it’s a very touching, loving ballad which takes the listeners through the “Pulse” and up and downs of the album.
    It gives a taste of how hard they worked, and the complications and such. I adore every song, and again, it is hard to choose just one. Brokenhearted is always a fun jam, which is my second favorite. When they perform it live, it connects to every fan and they sing it back to Nick and Amy as one fanbase, which touches me the most.
    Just the way everyone unites during that one song brings such joy to me, Namy, and the other fans.

  • E-volve Woozworld

    I love you Karmin and I love how you connect with your fans so much. Local performances to national performances. Now what about their best song? Reducing the entire collection of their songs from “Hello” and “Pulses” and being able to pick your fave is like saying I couldn’t listen to Karmin without loving them. As hard as it was I finally got it. I chose Gasoline. Gasoline is catchy, irresistible and darn cool. Unable to put these facts aside I had to pick Gasoline. Im glad Nick sings more in Gasoline. He can sing amazingly! Most people just see him as the guitarist but I think Pulses showed his potential. Now back to Gasoline. The song really reminds me of Hawaii. I don’t know why?Only the pop sensation that is Karmin could ever come up with a song so creative and appeals to so many people. I believe Gasoline is the start of a new generation of music that is more unbelievable then ever and is going to hit the world any time soon. If you haven’t heard of Karmin you need a check up! You’ll be hooked forever after your first song. KARMINITE FOREVER! (

  • LilouFairy

    I’ve been supporting them for so long now and it’s extremely hard for me to pick a favorite song. But since I really have to pick a song, I’ll say Pulses is my favorite. We’ve been waiting for this album to come out for so long, and we got to see/hear Amy and Nick perform Pulses in concert, my friends got to see it live and I got to see it online, the song immediately gave me the chills, from the piano to Amy’s rap and Nick’s singing, from the beginning to the end of the song, every note makes me shiver. I also feel like they speak to the fans when they sing it, some people would think Pulses is a love song, but it’s actually more than that, Pulses touch me emotionally speaking, and whenever I listen to it, every time I press ‘play’ it’s like I’m hearing it for the first time. Pulses is also a song about the fans, the Karminites, they want to make sure that we feel alive, that their music makes us feel alive, they want to raise pulses, they want their music to raise pulses and they succeeded. Pulses has definitely raised my pulse and raises it every time I listen to it. I don’t think that will ever stop, I’m pretty sure that if I listen to it in a few years I’ll feel the same way, in 10 years, when I’ll go through my pile of CDs, I’ll see Pulses, I’ll press play and I’ll smile because I’ll still feel the same way about that song. So even if I don’t win this giveaway contest, I still hope Amy and Nick will read that comment, and see how proud I am, proud of them, and proud to be a Karminite. They definitely raised pulses with that song. (

  • Mitch

    Obviously its difficult to pick just one, but off of Pulses, Night Like This and Drifter! Everytime I play them I just want to get up and dance! :)

  • Elden Oliveiro

    My fave is from their latest album,Pulses, titled NEON LOVE! It is so emotional and you can HEAR the story and you actually feel the emotions of the song! It is so powerful and I just love it soo much! Even when I say Neon Love is my fave,I still LOVE the other songs from YouTube,Hello and Pulses! Words can’t explain how amazing Karmin is!

  • Abbie

    I love the song pulses and puppet and gasoline and I love karmin !!

  • karminite4life

    i like all there songs