Lady Gaga’s “G.U.Y.” Video Has Been Trimmed To Four Minutes: Watch The New Version

Abridged ARTPOP
Lady Gaga‘s (almost) 12 minute-running ARTPOP film has been edited down to a more manageable four minutes — meaning “G.U.Y.” essentially now has its own video. This is a wise move because the extended version is a lot to process in one sitting. Not that it stopped Little Monsters. The opus has already racked up 18 million+ views on YouTube.

The thing is, “G.U.Y.” will need all those views and more. Despite the blockbuster visual, Lady Gaga’s new single is struggling to break into the top 150 on iTunes and only debuted at number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 Bubbling Under Chart. The popularity of the video will ensure a huge rise on next week’s countdown, so it’s not all doom and gloom. Watch (again) up top.

Is “G.U.Y.” Gaga’s best video? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • Lisa Jones

    Not doom and Gloom? … This song is #155 on the Itune charts and #118 on the Billboard charts … I would call that (D.O.A.) Dead on arrival.

    • Lisa Jones

      Did no one see Gaga crashing and burning last year with 1/2 sold concert’s so she had to fake a hip injury and cancel her tour. Check this video out and see for your self :)~

      • Kevin Strother

        she’s worth 150 million. Her concerts sell out. Her family is VERY rich. Even if she flops, she’ll still have more than more money than some dumb chick on the Internet!

    • yayjulian

      lmao #shade

    • Starchild Soraka

      Give her some time. She has topped the charts before and She can very much outmatch everyone again n_n the video was perfect and the song by itself without the video is absolutely genius and great to listen to. This should have no trouble reaching the top of the charts n_n but to each their own opinion

  • La Liberté

    LMAO! Song is down to #161 on itunes!!! Poor thing!!! Lardy Fatga is not happening again! Sorry!!

    • JadeSal

      She’s not even fat you idiot Kim Kadashian is FAT. You just don’t like her because she actually works hard and is so successful with her career and statements with fashion that you’re dumb ass mind can’t work out any of it. #ShutYourFace

  • BetterThanYou

    Who the hell do you two think you are? let her make music and do what she wants to do, stop letting chart position dictate what good music is @lisajones she didn’t fake an injury and the live nation CEO came out and called all f that LIES! .. you haters make up BS all the time, go away dumbasses

  • yayjulian

    the clip is cool but not her best, imo. She needs to let other people write songs for her because the her stuff just isn’t attracting the populous anymore (Her lyrics don’t make sense or have a purpose). She’s trying so hard to be different that people just don’t care anymore. She to re-mainstream herself.

  • Love Jesus

    Please sign my petition on to have the Jesus image removed from this dreadful blasphemous porn pop video look for this petition …..”To remove the image of Jesus from the pop video of G.U.Y”

    • JadeSal

      How is it even porn? ffs -_-


    if she keeps flopping she’s going to get dropped by her label…. the true Cyndi Lauper of the generation except not as much impact and not as successful

  • Truth

    I have a question? But first let me say this… I don’t normally partake in the comments section of articles I read, but I do read the comments. But here is my question… What is the obsession with wanting to see Gaga fail? It seems personal. It’s music people…POP music. It’s supposed to be fun and easy. Stop hating on the artist. You think anyone cares or will remember your snarky comment you left on some article? What people WILL remember though, is and ICONIC women who forever changed the landscape of POP music and uses her platform for more than just promoting herself. What will you be remember for?