Hilary Duff Is Back! 5 Classic Singles To Celebrate The Diva’s New Record Deal

Hilary Duff just made our week by announcing that she has a new record deal. The 26-year-old has been cooking up tunes for a while now but finally has the platform to make a well-planned comeback after a very extended break. To put things into perspective, seven (long and painful) years have passed since she unleashed cult classic Dignity in 2007.

So what can we expect from Hil’s sure-to-be iconic comeback? When we spoke to her late last year, the girl formerly known as Lizzie McGuire revealed that she was “super into EDM” but also references classic hit “Come Clean”. This amazing news has put me in a nostalgic mood. To celebrate Hilary’s new deal, I’ve listed my five favorite Duff singles after the jump.

5. “Fly” (2004)

The lead single from 2004′s underrated Hilary Duff was a soaring rock ballad with inspiring lyrics and an anthemic chorus. A mid ’00s classic.

4. “Play With Fire” (2006)

Everyone knows Hil was the original Lady Gaga. She brought electro-pop to the masses with 2006 single “Play With Fire” (from excellent dance-pop opus Dignity) a good two years before “Just Dance” hit radio.

3. “Wake Up” (2005)

The comeback queen’s 2005 comp Most Wanted houses two of my favorite Duff singles. “Wake Up”, a memorable top 30 hit, is an infectious guitar-pop tune that still sounds freshly and bubbly almost a decade later.

2. “Beat Of My Heart” (2005)

Another cut from Most Wanted, “Beat Of My Heart” is the cutest slice of bubblegum pop in the diva’s discography. It owes a large debt to The Go-Go’s “Our Lips Are Sealed” (which she previously covered with sister Haylie) but who cares when it’s this catchy.

1. “So Yesterday” (2003)

How did a girl barely in her teens deliver the ultimate self-help pop anthem? Hilary’s optimistic break-up anthem is still a deliriously great record 11 years later. Play it loud and proud below.

What’s your favorite Hilary Duff single? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Rodrigo

    I love all of that songs but I think that Stranger is better, it’s her best music video.

  • DannyRey

    These were never singles, but Outside Of You and Never Stop from Dignity were always my favorite songs from Hilary that i think would’ve been great singles. :)

  • Pablo

    Although I’m not sure if they’re “singles” her best songs are definitely Come Clean, Stranger, Fly, and With Love.

  • Ben

    My favorites are “Come Clean”, and “Stranger” :)

  • Max Malouf

    I love Come Clean, With Love, Shine, Burned and Gypsy Woman!

    I’m glad Beat of My Heart is #2, such an underrated pop masterpiece! ^_^

  • In The Know

    Did her Mother write this copy? “Iconic”???………….A former Disney kid act that hasn’t been able to get work for years.

    Selena Gomez and the Jonas Brothers canceled tours because of low to no interest.
    Duff simply doesn’t have the talent to work as an adult in the entertainment industry. She doesn’t have a Disney show driving her to 7 year old fans. Notice there is no mention of a label name in the post? There is no way she could sell even 10K in 2014….that is the hard reality.

    • Pablo

      I think you’re a little insane if you honestly believe that. Not as a hardcore fan of hers. But she can definitely debut with a solid 70k if she’s given good material. People said she couldn’t write a book. She has a trilogy. Boom.

      • Really In the Know

        She’s the author of those books like I’m the Pope.
        Wake up. She is not well spoken and can barely put two sentences together, with her inane “Really’s and Like’s”…..she speaks like an eight grader.

        70K? Get real. Like anyone with “Good material” is going to give it to Hilary Duff……….. Like I said, the delusion on her is absolutely absurd.
        It all comes out in the wash.

  • SlowMeDown

    Wake Up is lame, Come Clean or With Love is infinitely better!