Sarah McLachlan Returns With “In Your Shoes”: Listen To The Lead Single Off New Album ‘Shine On’

It’s been four years since Sarah McLachlan released her last LP, 2010’s Laws Of Illusion, but the Canadian pop-rock singer will return on May 6 with eighth studio album Shine On. Ahead of that, McLachlan made lead single “In Your Shoes” available for purchase today on iTunes and Amazon’s MP3 store.

The inspiration behind the uplifting new song came partly from young Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, who was shot at point blank range on her school bus a year and a half ago. Give the song a listen here, then head below to see what Sarah had to say about “In Your Shoes.”

McLachlan explained via a press release, “We live in such a self-involved, short-sighted society. And here’s a 16-year-old girl, [Malala Yousafzai] with an incredible inner strength of hundreds standing up for something she believes in and refusing to back down – I just find that really profound and powerful and something to aspire towards. She’s an incredibly positive role model for girls and humanity in general.”

She also tells E! the following:

“It isn’t about just one thing. It started out as a song about bullying and then Malala [Yousafzai] was shot by the Taliban and that story became big news. She sort of became an inspiration for finishing the song…She’s a heroine, for everybody, but these days young girls haven’t had a lot of strong role models to look up to, and I think she’s just an incredibly positive role model for girls and humanity in general. Obviously, it was a perfect catalyst for me to finish that song.”

What do you think of Sarah’s new single “In Your Shoes”? Let us know below!

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