Avril Lavigne’s Demo Of Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” Finally Surfaces Online?

Apr 1st, 2014 // 7 Comments
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The annoying thing about April Fool’s Day is the fact that it makes you question the veracity of everything that crosses your desk. For example, Avril Lavigne‘s original “Breakaway” demo (which Kelly Clarkson later recorded and turned into a career-defining smash) finally surfaced online today but there is some debate as to whether it’s real.

The Canadian superstar’s army of fans certainly think so. They point out that Avril admitted her April Fool’s prank with Miley Cyrus (the divas pretended to beef) but kept quiet about “Breakaway”. It kind of sounds like her but the stripped back, country-tinged demo was recorded way back in 2001, so it’s hard to tell. Anyway, take a listen after the jump and decide for yourself.

Is this legit or do Avril Lavigne fans have a great sense of humor? Have your say in the comments below.

[Via Digital Spy].

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  1. Sean

    Sounds nothing like Avril…

    In fact, I can tell you right now, as a person with two ears that function, that this is definitely not Avril. Would love to hear the actual demo though.

  2. Hunter

    I’ve been a huge Avril fan since 2002. This is Avril. Anyone who denies it is ignorant- it’s not even up for debate. Listen to her old song Two Rivers on YouTube- it has the same country vibe. You’ll see.

  3. Balada

    Lol, are you deaf? Of course this is Avril! I didn’t even know there is a discussion. And I think the only one who thinks there is one, is you! Listen to all “Let Go” and all her Let Go B-Sides and Live Acoustic Versions from 2002. It’s definitely her voice. They didn’t changed it as much as today. Her newer singles are totally auto-tunes and high-pitched! And Avril didn’T talk about it, because she was not the one who released it now. It was a fan who has contacts to people in the music business!

  4. Its definitely Avril. I heard she was 15 when she recorded it.

  5. Nikki

    no way its Not Avril Lavigne .

  6. TheLost

    Those who denies that this is Avril are just familiar with her newer stuffs. For I have been listening to her since her first public appearance (2002) I can easily tell this IS Avril Lavigne without needing much confirmation from people. Listen to her Let Go and her Let Go B-side songs.

  7. Jamie

    Anyone who has listened to Avril for more than 1 year knows this is her.

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