Stevie Nicks Teams Up With Lady Antebellum For A New Version Of “Golden”: Listen

Part-time American Horror Story actress and full-time music legend Stevie Nicks has joined forces with country trio Lady Antebellum for an exquisitely understated update of “Golden” — the title track of the band’s chart-topping fifth LP. The dreamy guitar ballad is a surprisingly organic fit for the Fleetwood Mac singer, giving her voice room to shine.

Charles Kelley trades loved-up verses with the 65-year-old icon before they harmonize on the pretty chorus (“you are golden, precious as a prayer flyin’ up through the air while the rain is fallin’). No wonder, Lady A called on Stevie for the song. Some of these lyrics are straight from her flowery — in the best possible way — songwriting handbook. I mean, “shadows run and darkness fades when you come around, my single star amongst the grey always shining down” sounds like a line from Rumours. (Again, a massive compliment). Listen to the delightful duet after the jump.

Do you prefer the version with Stevie to the original track? Let us know in comments below.

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  • Shane Arrington

    This version with Stevie Nicks is by far superior to the original. Her haunting vocals adds depth, dimension and a romantic mystery to the song. Something that ONLY Stevie Nicks can bring. All the raspy, organic, bone chilling sounds emoting from Stevie’s perfect pipes make this version tough (impossible) to beat! Rock on Stevie!

    • Mike Wass

      I totally agree!

  • Ray Evatt

    I love the beautiful blend of voices. I could listen to them for hours. Stevie just gets better and better with everything she does. Lady Antebellum is headed straight for the stars. Thank you for the beautiful music.

  • Morgan

    Gorgeous beyond words. What a treat to hear a new recording from Stevie. Her voice blends beautifully with Charles, Maybe he can join Fleetwood Mac? Can you imagine him, Stevie and Christine harmonizing? Lindsay Buckingham’s voice leaves me cold, so I have to fantasize of alternate male voices to go with Stevie’s.

  • dwig03203

    Stevie is a goddess and you are all right – she gets better with everything she does which bodes well for the new Fleetwood Mac album! Wish they would have released an EP with all of the Stevie & La songs on (maybe that’s just me being greedy!!!)

  • Lynette

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Stevie just gets better and better. I love hearing her and Hillary, and Charles harmonizing. The harmony is what I love about Lady A, but Stevie brings it to a different dimension. Maybe she should join Lady A. Just thinking . . .

  • Ricky Pilcher

    Absolutely flawless and exquisite. Lady Antebellum are fantastic on their own, but Stevie Nicks has the ability to sing with anyone and to add her special magic to any song she performs. 2 thumbs up!

  • Ezell

    Stevie still rocks and brings something to the party on this version. Great version.