Miley Cyrus Breaks Down At Boston Concert, Hugs Inflatable Statue Of Her Recently Deceased Dog

Miley Cyrus has been inconsolable since her much-loved dog Floyd died on Tuesday night (April 1), while she was away on tour. “I don’t wanna say it because I don’t want it to be real… But my precious baby Floyd has passed away,” she tweeted to fans, before admitting: “I am broken.” The “Wrecking Ball” diva then tweeted pics of her beloved pet and asked concertgoers for their understanding. “I’m sorry in advance if I am not myself tomorrow Boston. I will try my best to be my best.”

As it turns out, the 21-year-old did a good job of putting on a brave face and even dedicated her cover of Fleetwood Mac‘s “Landslide” to her lost pup. However, Miley lost her nerve when it came to the part of the show where a giant inflatable likeness of Floyd appears on stage. She stopped singing and broke down sobbing. Her younger sister Noah Cyrus eventually helped the superstar off stage. See the emotional moment after the jump.

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  • @ThisIsBillG

    While it’s very sad thya Miley’s beloved pup has passed away, this clip just shows me that she lip synchs… At least during Can’t Be Tamed. She clearly wasn’t singing and the track was clearly playing… And that was much more than just a backing track. May Floyd RIP.

    • claire22

      you’re obviously stupid, it was her back up singers, Miley does not “lip sync” i went to her concert and i can assure you she doesn’t, get your fact straight

    • crystal

      it was her backup singers. believe me if you went to a concert of hers, you’d know she sings live.

  • @ThisIsBillG

    And I know you all know I meant “that” instead of “thya”. My appoligies.

  • Sarah

    If I paid $300 for a ticket to one of her awful talentless shows and she broke down on my dime, I’d throw a beer bottle at her. What a joke. What a rip off. Last year, my dog passed away, and guess what happened to me…I had to pull myself up, put on a happy face, and go take care of my patients at the hospital I work at every single night. I don’t get to crumble to the ground and not do my job when life throws me a curve ball. I don’t get to “check out” of reality. This girl is such a spoiled rotten little brat. Life happens, deal with it. Watch, in a month she’ll go out and buy herself a new $4,000 puppy, and life will be back to normal for poor wittle Miley.

    • Ren

      difference between someone who treats their pet as a part of the family and someone who doesn’t. how very sympathetic of you Sarah

      • Sarah

        Lol, guess what, I was right…she replaced that dog less than a week later with a new one. So she’s spoiled AND SHALLOW.

        • Katie

          It’s not “replacing” your pet.. If you lost a pet and had to return to not having someone greet u at the door or lay in bed at night and cuddle with than you’d be depressed to. I hated the fact that we got another dog after mine died but I’m glad I did. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t think of my job and I’m sure for miley it’s the same. Oh and btw did your dog get killed by a coyote? Cuz that’s how hers died not even 2years after getting him. I’m not a miley fan but no one deserves to lose a pet not even a “spoiled rotten little brat”

          • Sarah

            Where did I say “anyone DESERVES to lose a pet”? Can you tell me where I said that? What I’m saying is, Miley is totally sheltered from reality. Death, it’s a part of life. And you can either handle it with strength, and respect for others who also have lost loved ones, or you can feel sorry for yourself, and not do your job, and expect everyone around you to pity you. She lost her dog, not her sister, not her dad or mom. If I had paid $300 for a ticket to her performance, and she did not perform for me because of a dog (which she replaced 4 days later!), I would be PISSED.

            Most of us don’t even earn $300 a week, she gets that for ONE ticket. She earns more money in ONE DAY than I do in FIVE YEARS of working my butt off taking care of our elderly and disabled. If I did what she did, I wouldn’t have a job. I respect people too much to expect them to deal with my problems, especially when they’re depending on me, or paying for my service.

            That little girl, has it easier than 99% of the PLANET, and she can’t even do her job for people that struggle every day to live NORMAL lives? She is a disgustingly greedy, selfish, sheltered, out-of-touch, celebrity. She owes it to her fans to be better than that. If she cared about her fans, she would not short change them like that, when the average fan has so little in comparison to her. She is acting like she’s the only person who has ever lost a pet…then 4 days later has that pet replaced? Disgusting.

            Children are losing their parents in the Middle East every day. There are women in China that are forced to have abortions because they’re too poor to keep the child. There are parents who’s children are stolen from them and forced into slavery in Africa, and all these people have to carry on, living in poverty, working, providing services to people, for not even enough money to afford clean water. Try feeling sorry for those people. Then there’s MILEY, who has excepted MILLIONS of dollars from her fans, and can’t provide them with a solid show? GROSS. Gross behavior.

  • Rose

    When my mom died, I had to go to work, taking care of my elderly patients. I didn’t get to not do my job due to life’s circumstances either. People depend on me, and I get paid. Obviously her job is so meaningless, she can do whatever she wants without consequence. Oh the life struggles of a sheltered, spoiled, trashy, hypersexed, ‘Merican pop-star.

    • Danielle

      first I’ll start by saying sorry about your mom. Everyone has different ways of dealing with loss. I think it goes deeper than just the dog passing away. I believe thats the dog she adopted while she was still with Liam.

      • Sarah

        I’m not knocking her for feeling sad about her dog. What I’m criticizing, is the fact that her fans had to come up with a ton of money for a ticket to her show and she can’t pull it together long enough to give her fans what they paid for? That girl has it so good in life, compared to 99% of the world, and collapsing on stage like that is pretty pathetic. She chose to be a pop-star, for the fame and money, can’t she be a little empathetic, and act like she’s not the only one who has ever lost something or someone? Then after all her drama, she has her dog replaced four days later? Awful, she seems like a horrible person.

  • laura

    sarah if you hate her so much then just shut up and for those of you who like her you rock. and she has the right do get another dog sarah so just shut up. you really need to shut up sarah. i mean it really,she is awesome. so you sarah need to shut up;