Kylie Minogue Reveals That “I Was Gonna Cancel” Is The Next Official Single From ‘Kiss Me Once’

Apr 3rd, 2014 // 10 Comments
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Kylie Minogue‘s Kiss Me Once campaign is something of a mystery. One minute she’s promoting classy lead single “Into The Blue”, the next she’s doing squats in stilettos as part of her random “Sexercize” initiative. It comes as something of a relief then, that the flawless 45-year-old labeled her saucy sex jam a buzz track in a recent Rolling Stone interview. But the official second single is just as curious.

When asked about working with the ubiquitous Pharrell, Kylie replied: “It was interesting — I had a meltdown on day two in the studio, but that gave way to a fantastic song ["I Was Gonna Cancel"], which will be my second single.” But wait there’s more. Enrique Iglesias duet “Beautiful” is a contender for single number three. “We’re hoping that’ll be a single as well,” she declares. “I hope we have four singles from the record — that’ll be amazing. ‘Kiss Me Once’ is a contender as well.”

Read the full interview after the jump.

The diva’s next single — “I Was Gonna Cancel”

Kylie spills the beans to Rolling Stone here. Let us know what you make of her single choices in the comments below.

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  1. MusicManDave

    I actually like “Cancel” It is a good choice as a second single. Very playful and fresh. Kiss Me Once would be a better 3rd single. That song is my favorite off the album.

  2. kyliefan

    no no no. doesn’t anyone realise she needs to realise Million Miles as a single. It is so commercial and will do well on the radio and charts. why is no one talking about million miles. such a kylie song and a great song to dance to. Million Miles Kylie!!

    • hkl1204

      Million Miles sounds a bit too generic, it wouldnt last too long in airplay and sales. It’s missing sass and attitude to it to make it a single….. Get Outta My Way and Million Miles share the same producer, Cutfather, and GOMW sounds much better. It didnt last long on the charts (we can blame bad promo schedule), which is a real shame. It’s one of my all-time favorite from Kylie.

  3. Peter

    Pharrell involvement questionable? Wtf? Have you heard that tune at all? It’s the best thing she could choose for the 2nd single. Don’t even get me started about Beautiful. I deleted it from my iTunes playlist. It’s one of her worst songs.

  4. KylieWay

    Glad she’s not releasing Million Times. It’s so Get Outta My Way pt. 2 and not in a good way. I Was Gonna Cancel will do amazing on the charts, w/ a killer video.

  5. Brandon

    @Peter I deleted Beautiful off my playlist too. I personally think it’s the worst song Kylie has ever recorded. I really thought Million Miles would make a good 2nd single, but Pharrell does have the #1 song right now so I understand. Just seeing Kylie at the top of the charts again would make me happy #teamminogue

  6. “I Was Gonna Cancel” is probably one of the top 3 tracks on “Kiss Me Once!” Its joyus message is something that we don’t hear much on the radio, these days. Hopefully, it does well on the radio and charts as it deserves to be a monster hit!

  7. Dane

    cmon fans – lets get kylie back on the high end of the charts with I was gonna cancel… awesome song, awesome album so cmon fans for once stop complaining and enjoy kylie !!

  8. Love this. So funky and a different feel to any of her others releases. Will work great on the dancefloor.

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