‘American Idol’ Recap: Daughtry Performs & Sam Woolf Doesn’t Go The Way Of “Babylon”

Apr 4th, 2014 // 1 Comment
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Wednesday evening (April 2), the eight remaining contestants performed their original audition songs in the hopes of recreating the magic that earned them their first golden ticket. In addition to finding out the identities of the lucky number seven, the audience was also treated to a live performance of American Idol finalist and workshop coach, Daughtry. But before you worry your pretty little heads about who went home Thursday night, rest assured, this episode has an ending plucked straight from the brain of one M. Night Shyamalan (pre-Lady In The Water).

Former judge and current mentor Randy Jackson hypothesizes early in last night’s show that while all of the finalists gave “solid performances,” Caleb Johnson, Jessica Meuse, Dexter Roberts and Jena Irene are safe. However, it’s not for him to decide, but you, America. So, let’s have some results.

From the stage in Hollywood, host Ryan Seacrest welcomes our trusty panel of three celebrity judges to the live results show. Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez look dressed to kill with Harry in a natty suit and Jennifer wearing the hell out of a hot pink jumper. Keith Urban is his usual rocker self with a leather jacket and haircut I hope grows out quickly.

The first to learn they are still in the competition next week is Dexter Roberts. Shortly after his arrival to the lounge, Jena Irene learns that she is second in line to be safe. Of course, those are all the results we learn until the commercial break.

To fill the half hour, we are then forced to watch the American Idol contestants participate in an in-program Ford commercial. It’s beautifully shot and utterly boring, except for Caleb’s talk of making out with a girl for three hours and then going to eat pizza. Kiiiiiiind of my idea of a dream date.

Then, Ryan and Randy awkwardly introduce the performer for the night, Daughtry, who sings his song, “Waiting for Superman.” It’s all very…Daughtry. I will say, if I were Chris, I’d make that hot keyboardist scootch a bit further backstage lest anyone forget who the real star of the show is supposed to be. Yowzah. I might have to steal Caleb’s Ford Focus and drag this man to Dominos for an undetermined amount of time.

More results reveal that Caleb Johnson is still in the running. JLo looks particularly pleased at this news. Next up is Jessica, who happily gives high fives on her way to the lounge. Alex Preston shakes the hands of his fellow finalists on the stools as he learns he is safe.

After a return from the commercial break, the bottom three stand on the stage, looking completely terrified as Ryan dims the lights to announce who will sing for a save. After a dramatic pause, Ryan reveals that it’s Sam. Jennifer already looks super emotional as Sam sings “Babylon” by David Gray in front of the old people waterfall. To his credit, Sam tries to throw in some dance moves that are so adorably Rick Astley. To top it off, we see his grandparents clap off beat in the audience.

Then we learn that for the first time all season, the judges are able to agree on something, which is that Sam is to remain in the competition. Tween girls across America gasp and squeal in unison as confetti rains down on the stage and Sam hugs his fellow finalists joyfully at this happy news. It’s truly been a roller coaster of emotions.

I’m sure many of you haven’t felt this a surge of relief like this since (SPOILER ALERT) Katniss saved Peeta. But by the grace of the judges, there will be no cannon boom… at least, not tonight.

See ya next week!

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    A lot of smoke and mirrors made for a great show last night. That’s for sure. Too bad it was all a fantasy

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