Ariana Grande Poses Seductively On The Back Of A Motorcycle. Just Because.

Things have been fairly quiet for Ariana Grande since her much-hyped Chris Brown duet was shelved due to his imprisonment. The 20-year-old recently made headlines for breaking toes after slipping in a puddle of dog pee but has bravely continued to man her Twitter account and post pics on Instagram.

The “Baby I” singer’s latest posting spree is more striking than most. Ariana poses seductively on the back of a motorcycle in a short, vintage dress and white stilettos. She also happens to be sucking a lollipop. Like the original and subsequently shelved Yours Truly cover, there’s something unsettling about the big-voiced diva’s sexualized babydoll image but her fans can’t get enough. See more Lolita-tastic pics after the jump.

Is this a good look for Ari? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • Guest

    You know what YES, its a great look for this “20 yr old!”

    And there’s nothing “Lolita-tastic” or “Sexualized Baby-doll” about it! I’m so sick of that judgement and criticism!

    If the person who wrote this article recognizes that it is a vintage style, then they should also realize, that it is a style that was very popular at one time. Actresses, artists, and everyday women use to dress this way, or similar to it! And I’m sure that many of the young girls, who looked up to those women, turned out just fine!

    If its not what you want for your young daughters, then you set the guidelines that you want them to follow. You be the example that you want them to have, and let this “Young Woman” live and dress the way she wants!!

  • Ariana grande

    This is horrible! What is she teaching little kids!!?

    • tina timmons

      What are their Parents teaching them???

    • shesho

      how make some money

  • Joe J.

    She seems even worse than Miley Cyrus. At least Miley isn’t on television anymore, Ariana is on “Sam and Cat” on Nickelodeon and there just seems to be something wrong with this. I know that’s 20 years old but if you’re on a kiddie show I don’t think you should be doing this.

    • tina timmons

      Uh huh, sure Joe. What are you, a Quaker??

    • Josh S

      shes not worse than miley cyrus , she was just having a photo shoot , shes not like miley , at least she has on clothes unlike miley , although i like miley , there nothing wrong with this picture , shes looks amazing , and if you actually knew things about her , she nowhere near as crazy as miley . ariana is beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with these pictures .

  • Katherine

    Can’t see anything wrong with it . At least she has her clothes on !!!!

  • tina timmons

    I think she looks great – not sleazy at all. She’s the same age Mariah Carey was when she first came out. A short dress & a sucker is getting ppl riled up? She isn’t doing anything to damage her rep or her show. Who cares if she’s still on tv? PARENTS raise kids, tv shows & celebrities don’t.

  • Adrian

    i Think she is growing up and becoming mature so there is nun wrong with these pictures

  • Ariana

    The thing i want to know is that if she is wearing anything inside?

  • wel


  • lily

    she looks amazing

  • Heaven

    Omg really guys y’all are making a huge deal about
    Nothing lmao she’s 20 EFFIN years old she
    Can do whatever she wants!! At least she’s not
    Partying like the rest of the damn young girls in
    The world!-.- ariana Looks great(:

  • ariana grande lover

    ariana grande you cant do this to me you would make me cry everyday omg nooooooooo stop right now before this goes too far