Battle Of The Biker Babes: Madonna Shows Ariana Grande How To Vamp It Up On A Motorbike

Apr 9th, 2014 // 12 Comments
Ariana On A Bike
Ariana Grande poses sexily on a motorbike. Read More »

Madonna might be older than your fave’s mom but she reigns supreme on Instagram. At least, when it comes to the battle of the biker babes. (Go with it). Ariana Grande posed seductively on the back of motorcycle yesterday (April 8) — complete with short dress, white kitten heels and a lollipop — and shared it with her fans on social media.

The 20-year-old looked undeniably cute but Avicii‘s new muse showed Ari how a real diva vamps it up on motorbike last night when she updated her Instagram with the above pic. “Feeling A little Butch today!” was all Madonna had to say about the eye-popping image, which finds her reclining on a BSA in black lace lingerie and a jacket while puffing a cigarette. Compare their raunchy pics after the jump.

Madonna on a motorbike:

Ariana Grande’s pose:

Who is your favorite biker babe? Have your say in the comments below.

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  1. Julia

    Ariana Grande ♥︎

  2. Brian


  3. TRUTH1


  4. Jack


  5. Emmanuel


  6. Guest

    Ariana Grande in my book, I didn’t even know about the other photo, Madonna made. Never been a Madonna fan anyway.

  7. Madonna of course!

  8. The baddest biker chick will always be Gemma from Sons of Anarchy

    And Katey Sagal’s a singer, too

  9. DDB

    You get a sense that Madonna is in complete control in her photo. Ariana looks like she’s trying to be sexy by allowing herself to be objectified. I’d have to choose Madonna.

  10. Ariana

    Ari of course! She LOOKS beautfuil all those Ppl saying “OHH She is to young to be doing That” GUYS ARI IS GROWING UPP DUHH!

  11. Ariana

    Ariana. END OF CONVO. K.

  12. Guest

    I honestly love both of these women they inspire me and I can’t imagine who did their picture better. For those of you who say Madonna is old and doesn’t pull it off, you will regret those words Madonna is the most active performer and can put on an amazing show. Her pic just shows everyone what an #UnapologeticBitch she is and she doesn’t care about others opinions on her. On the other hand, if you think Ariana’s looks childish it’s not it’s amazing how she blended her own style into her photo and made the photo look amazing and unique. Once again these women both inspire me and I love both their pictures, so I call it a draw. Anyways I don’t think people should compare both these amazing women they are both amazing and shouldn’t be compared against each other. P.S. Sorry if you think this is too long or some of my wording doesn’t make sense.

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