The Vamps Mellow Out On “Move My Way”: Listen To The Breezy Guitar-Pop Gem

With the release of The Vamps‘ debut LP looming on the horizon (it drops April 14 in the UK), tracks are slowly surface online. And they all sound extremely promising so far. “Move My Way” is the latest gem to arrive from Meet The Vamps and it finds the boys in a much calmer mood than on raucous, party-starting singles “Last Night” and “Wild Heart”.

Written by the band, “Move My Way” has a breezy guitar-pop vibe complete with hand-claps and sunny vocal hooks that sounds like a cross between Mumford & Sons and Hanson with a splash of The Beach Boys thrown in for good measure. It’s very cute and instantly hummable, and most importantly, shows there’s more to The Vamps than radio-friendly power-pop. Listen after the jump.

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