OneRepublic’s “Love Runs Out” Sounds Like Kanye’s “Love Lockdown” & Adele’s “Rumour Has It”: Listen

Apr 14th, 2014 // 7 Comments
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Durable, Ryan Tedder-led pop outfit OneRepublic surprised fans today by re-releasing their third LP Native, which comes repacked with a few new tracks — chief among them: new single “Love Runs Out,” “Life In Color” and the Alesso vs. OneRepublic Remix of “If I Lose Myself.”

Last week a short snippet was made available for “Love Runs Out,” a song Tedder had apparently been kicking around for awhile, but ultimately discarded before the original version of Native was released last year, because the chorus didn’t come together just right. The tune now has said chorus, and, to be honest, it sounds mighty similar to that of Kanye West‘s 808s & Heartbreak smash “Love Lockdown.” Another past hit single “Love Runs Out” is reminiscent of: Adele‘s “Rumour Has It”…though, we’ll give Tedder a pass on that since he produced and co-wrote it. (There’s also the whole ’70s-era Rolling Stones rock & soul vibe that everyone seems to be jumping all over these days, but I digress.)

Compare OneRepublic’s new song to Kanye’s “Love Lockdown” and Adele’s “Rumour Has It” below, and see if your love for the band is locked down or just plain running out.

OneRepublic — ”Love Runs Out”

Kanye West — ”Love Lockdown”

Adele — ”Rumour Has It”

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  1. Israel

    This is a great track. I can hear the similarities with Love Lockdown and Rumour Has It. I actually enjoyed Love Runs Out so yeah, my love for OneRepublic is not running out because of this song. My review:

  2. eden

    i think it sounds like love you like a love song by selena gomez

  3. mia

    yeah i think it sounds exactly like love you like a love song by selena gomez as well

  4. Fletcher

    Holy smokes. The Kanye comparison was a MASSIVE reach. MASSIVE reach. Plus Kanye couldn’t hold Ryan Tedder’s songwriting jock.

  5. dougnut

    I heard ‘love lockdown’ the very first time I heard ‘love runs out’ – it’s definitely comparable. (googled it to find this link, actually!). I love both songs, but yeah… very very similar.

  6. Seppe

    First heard the One Republic song today, immediately thought of Kanye West Love Lockdown… went to the Internet to see if anyone else thought that and I found this website. NOT AT ALL a “Massive reach” Totally agree and so would everyone else if they knew the Kanye song well enough to sing it right over the top of One Republic. IT’s THE SAME SONG with different lyrics and a faster beat. To add insult to injury One Republic even copied some aspects of Kanyes video for their own video!!
    (i.e. backlight lit neon painted African and/or Black dancers THIEF!!

  7. Sable

    When I first heard Love Runs Out, I thought to myself, “OH, so this is the oldie that Kanye sampled in his Love Lock Down song….I didn’t know he sampled anything on that one…” Then I found out that Love Runs Out was not an oldie after all.

    Not a “massive reach” at all – I heard Kanye’s song in Love Runs Out on the first listen. Although, is this really a surprise? Ryan Tedder isn’t necessarily all that straight when it comes to songwriting – point blank, his work for Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson.

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