Guy Sebastian Performs A Spine-Tingling Acoustic Version Of Breakthrough Hit “Battle Scars”: Watch

Apr 15th, 2014 // 8 Comments
Don't Look Like They're Fading
"Like A Drum" Live
Guy Sebastian performs an acoustic version of "Like A Drum". Read More »

Guy Sebastian dropped by the Idolator studio earlier this year to chat about his new EDM-infused single “Like A Drum”, which continues to gain momentum at radio. The Australian superstar — he has racked up six number one hits at home — also invited us to an exclusive set at Nightbird Studios in Los Angeles where he performed acoustic versions of his new track and breakthrough Lupe Fiasco collaboration “Battle Scars”.

The 32-year-old belted out the latter R&B ballad at the piano, showcasing his powerful pipes and innate musicality. “Battle Scars” became Guy’s first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2012 and eventually sold more than one million copies. In our interview, he revealed that he is considering putting a reworked version of the smash on his US debut LP. After hearing this, you can’t help but think it would be an extraordinarily good idea. Watch up top.

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  1. Fantastic version of battle scars, so well performed by guy . Keep it up guy , yr so awesome !!

  2. Alison

    That was Amazing!! Love his voice! Such a talented person.

  3. Simmo

    Awesome! I never get tired of this song. Love the lyrics and the arrangement. The collaboration was awesome however you did a good job with this on your own as well!! Love It.

  4. Sandra

    So talented! Love all of his work! Great to see Aussie’s making it in the States!

  5. Trish

    This was amazing! just loved it! Thx Guy, you have amazing talents and you use them well :)

  6. Disnne Morgan

    Just love this version, just shows how talented Guy is. What a super star he is.

  7. susan

    just heaven , Guy has an amazing voice i just love listening to all his music…

  8. Christine

    He’s crazy talented!

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