Mariah Carey’s Lambs Beef With Producer/Manager Jermaine Dupri Over Album Delays

Mariah Carey‘s Lambs are usually one of the most placid and peaceful fan armies to roam the internet, which makes last night’s (April 20) mini-war with Mimi’s long-time collaborator Jermaine Dupri all the more remarkable. Reports that the diva’s much-anticipated but oft-delayed The Art Of Letting Go LP has been pulled from Island Records release schedule sparked the Twitter revolt.

Things started in a civilized fashion with fans asking for information about the release date, which is actually fair enough. Three years have passed since Mariah’s last album hit shelves and even the most faithful fan is starting to lose patience with the project. They are also concerned that the title track and “You’re Mine (Eternal)” flopped in comparison to excellent comeback track “#Beautiful”.

After ignoring the avalanche of tweets, Dupri finally snapped and called a Lamb “a dumb ass”. That triggered jibes comparing the state of Mimi’s career to Janet Jackson‘s (who the producer dated for almost a decade) and an onslaught of increasingly harsh barbs. The heated Twitter exchange was ugly but the Lambily raised a valid point. You can’t keep postponing a project with no communication and still expect fans to shell out their hard-earned cash when it drops. See the tweets after the jump.

Is it time for Mariah and her management to come clean about the state of The Art Of Letting Go? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • sean

    her career is ruined by j.d.
    he did it to janet.

  • sean
  • Hector

    The album isn’t called The Art of Letting Go. She’s said that a million times. Also, it could not be more obvious that she is releasing it without warning. She hinted at this in February in a radio interview.

  • Panic In The Industry

    The lambs are revolting! No one will be spared! I’m scared!!

  • Dylan

    PEOPLE! LISTEN PLEASE: Mariah said May 6th. MAY 6th. She also said she didn’t want to release the name of the album because of the art of leaking. SHE WOULD TELL US IF IT WAS POSPONED AGAIN IT IS RELEASED IN LESS THAN 14 DAYS. HELLO? She would tell us if she was cancelling it. She is obviously doing what appears artists are going to have to do to have people pay rightfully for their music – She is releasing it on May 6th with no info until then, she is releasing it before may 6th in a surprise, or she is releasing it on may 6th with details to come within a week of it’s release. She also talks about the album in the past tense – She is ready now let that woman put the record out. Have you ever had an injury? She had twins and was on AI12 for a year. Getting mad at her is not fair it is her material and she can put it out when she wants. You just make it worse. She said may 6th and that date hasn’t changed. So what if it was taken off the release schedule. Maybe they have to if it is iTunes exclusive. I feel so bad for Mariah she gets verbally abused on social media. Now – where was the promotion for the AOLG besides one billboard on itunes. When the album does come out, Mariah needs to have support from her label to help sell her material. Once people listen she sells a ton,, but at her age though she is beautiful getting people to stop and listen is the problem. So I agree there was next to no promotion for You’re Mine and that song is the best song I have heard all year even my kids sing it. I love love love her music and you impatient people are ruining it. No matter what – let Mariah do the firing I think she isn’t afraid to fire the best of friends if she needs to. Also no rude comments like this towards her. Whoever said they wouldn’t pay is just bluffing it they care enough to complain to the manager then they will buy the album and rightfully so her music is good. You guys can start a media frenzy and it is Mariah who will lose. We will get the music and she will be ripped apart by criticism that you people are starting. The last time Mariah had negative media attention like this she had an album not sell as well and she was hospitalized. Her last album leaked and I know it was out there for people to view. iTunes is safe.

  • Tim Harris

    Let’s face it; at this point, I think the pressure on this album has become so overwhelming that it has been set up to be a flop regardless of the quality. The media simply will not allow this to be a success.
    In my opinion, what she should do now is take all the singles released over the past few years, toss a couple of new tunes on til ya got a full album, release it and accept the consequences – then get her ass back in the studio and create something fresh and amazing (no guest rappers, please). Everyone loves a comeback!
    Five songs have been released so far, all with lackluster chart performances. This project is a failure – move on, then comeback!
    She did it with Glitter, she’ll do it again. We have NOT heard the last of Mariah but we do need to hear the last on album 14!

  • fatalreview

    MeMe’s brainless delusional sheep strike again–you idiots after 4 managers 3 labels and 5 years of spewing and stalling MeMe is the obvious problem-and I would bet that Anustain gets married and pops out twins before fat azz cow MeMe releases an album-and even if she does get it out –so what-her poptard rehash trash is boring over worked studio crappp all Dr Luke rewrites-attacking Mr. Dupri just proves what delusional idiots ya’ll really are-it’s freakshow enough that MeMe believes all that marketing hype Sony blasted on her image in the 90′s-and now there is this insane pack of about what 1,000 of you freaks who go around bullying the world into believing all this ridiculous Meme hype-she sucks she is an old fat crazy over rated stripper who has totally lost her sh-t and needs to shut up and get off of twitter because that crapp is just embarrassing–it’s like her twitter account is a chronicle of her sinking further and further into madness-Nick’s lawyers will be using one day to get him custody-then the sheep can send himethe hate tweets and death threats -what a bunch of losers