Demi Lovato’s Live Cover Of “Give Me Love” Was Mashed With Ed Sheeran’s Studio Version: Listen

Apr 21st, 2014 // 7 Comments
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Demi Lovato wowed fans with an impressive cover of Ed Sheeran‘s bleak ballad “Give Me Love” at her iHeartRadio Live gig in Los Angeles on Monday, April 14. It was only a matter of time before a tech-savvy fan mashed the Disney diva’s pretty version with the Brit’s original but the finished product is even better than expected.

These two need to collaborate as soon as possible. (Surely it’s not too late to add a track to X?) Demi and Ed’s voiced blend beautifully with each other and the hobby DJ that pulled this together does a great job at making the imaginary duet believable. Listen to the “Neon Lights” diva — kind of — join forces with pop’s favorite redhead after the jump.

Should Demi release a studio version of her cover? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Eunice

    Demi’s > Ed’s

    • Will

      Original is a lot better, stop being biased.

      • Skar

        People can have opinions Will. Saying the original is better is just as biased. Music is a subjective experience so some people are gonna enjoy her version better, get over it.

  2. JVWales

    Wow love it amazing!!!

  3. Ashley

    omg yes! Demi need to cover this in the studio!!!!!

  4. kate

    she needs a studio version. she did this song flawlessly and needs to have her own songs like this

  5. Aoife B

    Absolutely incredible. Can’t wait till these two make a song together for real

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