Michael Jackson’s Surprisingly Brief ‘Xscape’ Tracklist Has Been Announced

Michael Jackson‘s second posthumous release Xscape finally has an official tracklist. And it’s surprisingly brief. The album (out May 13) only contains eight songs but the deluxe edition is rumored to include a bonus disc with MJ’s original demos. Two as-yet unspecified video clips will also be available to download from iTunes.

The collection is a little underwhelming given that much of the album has already leaked in one form or another. “Chicago” (also known as “She Was Loving Me”) has been online for a couple of years, while anti-child abuse anthem “Do You Know Where Your Children Are” has been around for almost as long. Timbaland-produced “Slave To The Rhythm” made the cut, as did the recently leaked title track. See the official standard tracklist after the jump.

Michael Jackson’s Xscape tracklist:

1. Love Never Felt So Good
2. Chicago
3. Loving You
4. A Place With No Name
5. Slave To The Rhythm
6. Do You Know Where Your Children Are
7. Blue Gangsta
8. Xscape

Are you happy with the tracklist? Let us know in the comments below.

[Via MichaelJackson.com].

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  • ptizzy

    REALLY @ #6???

    Who’s genius idea was it to include a track with that for a title? Ugh. Only going to reflect badly on him, despite the lyrics.

  • Jason

    Chicago is one of 2 songs on the album that hasn’t leaked. The fake bootleg leak that was going around contained a totally different song call “She Wad Loving Me” that was not MJ singing. Someone took all of the old leaks they had and created the fake bootleg (as well as add a fake “She Was Loving Me” and “All I Need” which is not MJ singing, nor is there a song by that name on the album as is. All of versions on the fake bootleg are not what will be on the standard version of Xscape. On the deluxe version, some of the originals may be like tge versions on the fake leak, except for Slave To the Rhythm & Do You Know Where Your Children Are (the two of these on the fake leak are not the originals, but are re-done versions that were done for consideration on the first posthumous album). Hope all of this info helped.

  • chris

    surprisingly brief?? Why?

    There are eight new tracks on the standard edition. One additional track featuring Mary J Blige is on the deluxe edition. So that’s nine tracks.

    The biggest selling album in the world (Thriller) only had 9 tracks!!

    Also, it has to be said that when the artists is dead and there is only a finite amount of material to work with, the MJ Estate would be nuts to release too much too soon. It wouldn’t make good business sense.

    Now, it’s also worth mentioning the deluxe edition will also feature the original demos, plus a short DVD with twoor three videos on it.

    So in total the deluxe edition will include 17 tracks plus a DVD. Not bad at all eh?

  • Xtos

    Once again this album release is the ULTIMATE PROOF that Michael Jackson left NO NEW SONGS for $ONY.

    He didn’t want to deal with these guys since 2000. They betrayed him as an artist during his last years. The best thing for $ONY would be to release in high definition formats of all the ORIGINAL demos or final works of Michael, that $ONY snobbed while he was alive (ex. GHOSTS, HISTORY TOUR, INVINCIBLE). If they wanted to respect Michael they would sell his legacy for charity and not for promoting MOBILE PHONES. $ONY killed Michael’s final Creative Visions.

    The WORST thing for the music industry and the people who work for it is HOW COME “MICHAEL” Album (2009) is still in the stores, while having songs that are NOT even sung by Michael himself. That was the biggest fiasco in Music History. That’s also the official proof that Music Industry is dead.

    Too bad that the new generation of MJ FANS are manipulated like that. They REcreating a NEW IMAGE & SOUND in the name of Michael Jackson, just to bring more CASH IN. Well by re-creating a Genius, you can only bring to life a perfect Monster, and that’s how $ONY treated Michael during his last decade… like the rest of the Media and the World. Such a shame and irony.

    By the way, congratulations IDOLATOR for the great work you do. Keep on!