‘The Voice’: We’re Down To The Final 5

Time to get this train moving! As The Voice prepared for next week’s semi-finals, the remaining field of contestants was cut down from eight to just five. With this year’s elimination show format, that meant four contestants sang for their lives at the end of the live eliminations last night (May 6).

Shakira and Usher enter the show most vulnerable, as they each have just one contestant left. Both Adam Levine (who is still rocking regretting that blond hair) and Blake Shelton, however, could still lose their entire teams in this elimination. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, though. There is a lot of tension to manufacture, and performances to execute, before the results would be announced.

Starting off the night with a twang, Kat Perkins dons her country boots, and joins The Voice’s country singers Audra McLaughlin, Jake Worthington and Kristen Merlin to sing The Band Perry’s “Chainsaw.” There is something a bit off about the performance, which could just be a set of exhausted contestants at this late stage of the competition.

The others, namely Christina Grimmie, Delvin Choice, Josh Kaufman and Sisaundra Lewis sing “Latch” by Disclosure (featuring Sam Smith) in a performance accompanied by a good amount of lighting effects. Christina and Josh are certainly the standouts in this particular group, but each contestant has a solid showing.

With four “last chance” performances still ahead, the top four are announced:

Team Usher: Josh Kaufman
Team Shakira: Kristen Merlin
Team Adam: Christina Grimmie
Team Blake: Jake Worthington

That leaves Sisaundra Lewis, Audra McLaughlin, Kat Perkins and Delvin Choice singing for the final spot via Instant Save. It’s a tight competition!

Sisaundra sings Aretha Franklin’s “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman.” It’s as flawless as always, and will either be an incredibly strong bid for a save, or an incredibly memorable swan song.

“As far as I’m concerned, we’re far enough along in this competition that the bottom doesn’t exist anymore,” says Adam, who manages to praise Sisaundra without pulling votes from his own at-risk contestants.

“I just want to say to America, you know you want to hear this girl sing again next week,” adds Blake.

Audra sings her second Band Perry song of the night, choosing “Done” for her Instant Save effort. The performance is energetic, and her last note soars, but the whole thing doesn’t quite stack up to Sisaundra’s.

“What I just heard is you letting everything out and just leaving your heart on stage,” says Shakira. “I would love for you to stay.”

“This girl is a world-class vocalist. More importantly to me, though: she’s a country vocalist,” says Blake. “I want to activate and call on all the country fans out there to save Audra.” (Sorry, Sisaundra! Coach is putting all his eggs in the other basket!)

Inexplicably landing in the bottom for a second week in a row, Kat once again brings it for her Last Chance performance. This week’s take at Heart’s “Barracuda” hits some shaky notes, but the girl knows how to work a crowd.

“This performance basically took me back to the beginning,” says Usher. “I wanted to hit my button like five times.”

“Terry McDermott and Kat Perkins are the two best rock singers we’ve had on this show,” says Adam, urging America to vote for the season’s last hope for rock.

Suffering the consequences of resurrecting a Space Jam song on Monday, Delvin is in the bottom four singing Bruno Mars‘ “Young Girls.” Like all of the “bottom” finalists, he has a strong voice, but it isn’t enough to erase the R. Kelly of it all from recent memory.

“Technically speaking, you are an amazing vocalist,” says Shakira. “There’s nothing wrong that you do when you get up there.”

“Nobody sounds like Delvin,” says Coach Adam. “He doesn’t deserve to be in the bottom four, and neither does Kat.”

So how did the Blake/Adam rivalry net out?

Team Adam’s Kat Perkins

Headed home:
Team Adam’s Delvin Choice
Team Blake’s Audra McLaughlin and Sisaundra Lewis

Adam has a slight advantage with two remaining contestants, but all four coaches are still in it for next week’s semi-finals! Is any coach – or rather contestant – leading the pack? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • generalrob

    That these shows turn into popularity contests, for ratings, rather than an acknowledgment of the best performers is particularly egregious when a talent as stellar as Sisaundra is not retained. She clearly has been and is the class of the field, and despite different voice styles of the others, none of them can match her talent. It has been said that she is so good that she doesn’t need the show to get her “break.” Hope so. The popularity format turned me off. Jake Worthington seems to be anice fellow, but he really doesn’t belong on the same stage as Ms. Lewis. Thatr’s the tragedy…but again, Jake needs the show for his cahnce; Sisaundra does not.

    • JFI

      Agreed…Jake is not in the same league as Sisaundra or Delvin but as really the only true county artist
      he is pulling all those votes where as the other folks are getting distributed across the whole bunch.

    • NW

      Did any else think it too coincidental that each judge had 1 in the final 4? Eliminating 3 at a time is too many, just sayin’. Did they do that last year…..last spring was the first I watched and it was fantastic….

  • Liz

    I agree. Also, the instant save was not fair in having to type in the name of the contestant. Sisaundra’s name has 9 letters whereas Kat only has 3. Of course when timing is crucial, it’s a lot faster to type in just 3 letters. Sisaundra’s name is also not common so people will have to concentrate harder to key in her name. Contestants should just have a number or letter to make it fairer. Anyway Sisaundra is might talented and I know she’ll go far!

    • Rufus

      Seriously? How long does it take to type in 9 letters? They give you 5 minutes to do it.

  • Lucie

    Maybe I’m in the minority but I voted for the artists that I would actually buy their songs. All of the artists have talent but that was what I used as my criteria.

  • Josh fan

    Josh is the best singer left and should win hands down

  • cj

    Popularity contest….young, white folks rule the vote(s)

    • heatbrew

      Of course it’s a popularity contest…that’s the nature of the beast. If you don’t like the format, don’t watch. If enough people feel the same as you, they’ll have to change the format. But keep in mind that showing behind-the-scenes glimpses of the contestants’ lives and making the show a popularity contest keep viewers involved which in turn keeps them coming back for more. Advertisers like that. Perhaps you’d prefer a pay-per-view program in which we only see the vocal performances of the contestants…BUT to add that last dig at young America and white America is stupid, ignorant and divisive and a comment like that (directed toward any age or color) should never go unanswered. What does it have to do with anything? There are plenty of young, white folks who have been voting for Sissaundra who is neither young nor white (which is what I think you’re getting at) or else she would have never come as far as she did. (She and Delvin happened to be the favorites in my household of young white kiddos who themselves happen to be quite wonderfully average!) All of the contestants were good and they could all use some polish. Quit knocking people for the color of their skin. It diminishes the awfulness of true racism.

  • Sick of racism creators

    It’s people like that , that keep racism going!