Foster The People Perform “Best Friend” With A Children’s Choir On ‘Letterman’: Watch

At this point, barring some “Summertime Sadness” remix miracle, Foster The People‘s sophomore album Supermodel has no chance of spawning a hit on the level of  “Pumped Up Kicks.” But it doesn’t seem like the band was going for that level of chart success this time around, anyway (“Pseudologia Fantastica,” anybody?). That said, this isn’t exactly an “MGMT turning their backs on pop stardom and pop songcraft” situation, because MGMT were always a little weird to begin with — and also because you don’t do a song like “Best Friend” if you’re aiming to alienate listeners.

So FTP brought that catchy of Supermodel track to Letterman, and they gave the playful, horn-laden song some added sweetness with a children’s choir. As another bonus, those annoyingly zany sound effects during the chorus were gone.

Check it out up top.

[via Consequence of Sound]